did you hear? Billy spleeged himself before his pants were even off. Jenny laughed her ass off!
by Shimdaddy May 22, 2003
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It is the word I spelled wrong and decided to define. So now I guess it is a sexual term involving multiple gloves, a churro or plantain. Then a shoving motion into a Spanish pregnant lady.

¿Donde estas?

Lady: what are you looking for?

Oh nothing can I spleege into your ass.

Lady: Only if I can give you ebola.
The spleege outbreak in 2014 caused many abortions across the western hemisphere.
by Cuban Viagra Crisis November 13, 2014
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a persons body part or organ being bigger then another body part or organ.
my ball is bigger then my other ball therefore i have a spleege sack.
by dan21steen September 25, 2012
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