20 definitions by Phartman

A person who open-handedly slaps your ballsack when you are not looking.
Sergeant Slapnuts nailed Dweazy square in his ballbag causing him to writhe in pain.
by Phartman March 3, 2011
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To engage in intercourse with any female numerous times as primarily a booty call.
How's it goin Kimmy-sex-down?
by Phartman July 10, 2004
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When a male picks his dirty underwear up and sniffs them to see if theyre clean enough to still wear.
Dude Im gonna have to snafter because all my stuffs dirty!
by Phartman July 10, 2004
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As I wiped out, I spleeged on my bike.
by Phartman July 10, 2004
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When Carl pulled his pants down to moon everyone, we could all see his stink star.
by Phartman December 24, 2009
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A creampie by a white guy in a black chick. (strawberry is the pussy, chocolate is the girl, and vanilla is the white guy.)
I just had some Neapolitan Icecream the other night with Halle Berry!
by Phartman April 8, 2009
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A game where someone hits another in the ding-a-ling rather solidly while the other person is not looking.
Scotty B and Dweazy enjoyed a nice game of Private Punchcock.
by Phartman March 3, 2011
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