word used to describe an ugly, unattractive person. A development of the term BUTTERS for the intention of preventing the person in question from realising you are infact slagging them off to their face.

the development of the word:
butterS...butter...lurpak spreadable... spreadable.
spreadable ...your mum's rather SPREADABLE, don't you agree?
by hmriw July 11, 2008
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plural for slutty women who "spread" their legs
"darren do you have the herp?"

"yeah i had too many spreadables"
by ruh-duh March 4, 2014
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Alternative name for a skateboard injury aka - Road rash - Skin abrasions from sliding on the pavement after a skateboarding accident. aka SPAM
1. Bro tried an ollie and all he got a bad case of spreadable ham
by sk8Trs July 4, 2020
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the technique of saran rapping your balls and then running laps until sweaty then spreading and sliding it over your partners face.
damn, the "Big 86" gave that bitch a spreadable buttery ballsack yesterday.
by Italiano 19 January 18, 2009
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