Scottish East Coast, Edinburgh and Dundee, means face in a derogatory
"Check the pus on that fucking howler, she's fucking hackett and her old man's the fucking nonce who took wee Georgie's doag up the closie for a ride"

"Eh'll bang your pus ya fucking cunt if yi touch meh wee sister again. Fuckin arsehole."
by Fitzy March 21, 2005
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the white shit that comes out of a zit when you pop it
Damn! I got pus on the mirror when I popped that zit!
by bakerd812 February 11, 2004
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Similar to puss, only spelled correctly and definitions with good grammar.
That other definition of pus would have been pus... if they had spelled it right.

It's totally anti-pus when people use more than one 'S' when writing pus.

I wish I was smoking that pus-e dank right now.

My mom confiscated my pus nug this morning.
by the babies July 11, 2008
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1) Mucousy substance in your blisters, coming out your wounds; 2) Short for pussy; 3) Anything disagreeable or lame, the opposite of sup.

I popped my blister and pus came out.


Why you gotta be such a pus?


That movie was pus as fuck.
by jedv April 15, 2011
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I cut open a worm and pus came out
by Mr_Chuckles July 31, 2003
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stop being a pus and light the fuse
by ozslang August 24, 2003
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