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the white shit that comes out of a zit when you pop it
Damn! I got pus on the mirror when I popped that zit!
by bakerd812 February 10, 2004
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Scottish East Coast, Edinburgh and Dundee, means face in a derogatory
"Check the pus on that fucking howler, she's fucking hackett and her old man's the fucking nonce who took wee Georgie's doag up the closie for a ride"

"Eh'll bang your pus ya fucking cunt if yi touch meh wee sister again. Fuckin arsehole."
by Fitzy March 20, 2005
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Similar to puss, only spelled correctly and definitions with good grammar.
That other definition of pus would have been pus... if they had spelled it right.

It's totally anti-pus when people use more than one 'S' when writing pus.

I wish I was smoking that pus-e dank right now.

My mom confiscated my pus nug this morning.
by the babies July 10, 2008
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Traditional Scotish Dialect.Originated in Dundee.A bastardization of the word face.Also used in some cases to describe a fool.
Shut your pus!
Look at her and her horse pus!
Isn't he just a big pus!
by Greg Flucker October 06, 2005
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1) Mucousy substance in your blisters, coming out your wounds; 2) Short for pussy; 3) Anything disagreeable or lame, the opposite of sup.

I popped my blister and pus came out.


Why you gotta be such a pus?


That movie was pus as fuck.
by jedv April 15, 2011
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Post URL Stress Syndrome: A condition where you have cycled through your regular websites and can't think of any new websites to visit thus making you feel stressed and depressed at the same time and leaving you to question the meaning of life and making you tempted to go into the horrible place they call "outside"
Man I'm really feeling the "P.U.S.S" today, I already finished looking at my favorite websites what am I going to do with the rest of my day, I suddenly feel so small and inadequate maybe I'll go for a walk.
by Lickloled May 13, 2013
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