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business term meaning having a negative amount of money
"James is horrible at selling things. If everyone were like him we'd be in the red in no time."
by Jarik March 31, 2005
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having an easily aroused and uncontrollable boner. usually happens a lot when you're adolescent teenager. all men can have it though at anytime.

also see N.R.B.
Guy #1: Why are you covering your crouch with your notebook?
Guy #2: Because man, I'm still in the red!

Guy #1: Aww man, Jen's coming down the hall.
Guy #2: Ah, shit! I'm gonna be in the red til the end of school!
by thephantomplatypus September 24, 2009
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A state in which the battery power in one's iPhone dips to 20% or less, causing the battery icon in the top right corner to change color from green to red.
I'd better charge my phone. I've been playing Tetris for hours and now it's in the red!
by OneMileFromGlory April 26, 2014
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In music, when you have your amps turned up to 11 and the music is extremely loud and ear piercing. This is usually done deliberately.
Manowar want to be the loudest band so the deliberately play with the volume in the red.
by nacht_for_haters October 13, 2018
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