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The process of dragging your testicles over random objects or terrain. Speefing is very popular in Japan where men will get together and pull their sacks across an assortment of different textured items. People will sometimes involve furry animals or teddy bears and haul their groin from head to tail. This is called beast speefing, or sometimes just beefing.

Speefing got its name from the word "spee" which is traditionally shouted by participants to show their enjoyment of the act. "Spee" is the Japanese word for "smooth"
"Whats Dave doing to your cat?" "Oh, he's just beast speefing it"
by nublar December 10, 2004
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A pussy that resembles roast beef, hence speef. It is dark n flabby, n usually found in asians.
Dude this weekend i got so much speef going to china.
by Zachandary October 16, 2006
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noun: a person who steals spoons. Also known as a spoon thief.
T: "OMG I accidently took 16 spoons!"
M: "You speef!"
by SPEEFSUNITED April 08, 2011
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Collective noun for cows launched into space, to orbit in cow-size hamster balls.

After J.C.Hormel was unable to explain where the 'S' and 'P' of the initials "SPAM" originated (related to his tinned luncheon meet launched in 1937) Hormel declared that the SPAM meant "Speef Ham" in other words a combination of Ham and Space Beef.

As Hormels primary customer, given the war effort, the US Military decided that it would be prudent to actually create the subject of Hormel's lie, thereby erasing any possible chances for embarrassment.

Later that year in 1937, several cows were launched into space. Novelty size hamster balls were used to encapsulate the beasts from the outside vacuum, as the R&D costs for customised helmets and suits over-ran and was cancelled by congress.

Many cows still orbit to this day, although a large number were initially sent soaring into deep space by passing geostationary satellites, which were prone to clicking the hamsterballs at their orbit speed of mach 25.
Holy christ on a bicycle, Zorgoff! I could have sworn i just saw a speefball flying past that meteor over yonder!
by wooty December 08, 2004
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A powerfull queef of pure speed and un matched power that it becomes the mighty speef that is second to none!
Person 1: Woah did you see the speed of that queef?
Person 2: That was no queef my friend. . . that was a Speef!
Person 1: *Jizz*
by DaveTheAsian July 15, 2010
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A man sized octopus that lives on land and is called Pete (The Octopus). They are also yellow sometimes.
I was walking down the street and I saw a speef.
by speef master December 13, 2004
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when a man busts a nut that is mixed with splooge and piss
I speefed last night during sex
by matt defoor January 28, 2008
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