Elderly couple in Alabama:

Wife: "Where'd ya put my glasses?"
Husband: "They're over yonder on the dresser"
by apeforeal08 April 23, 2009
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One can see "down yonder", but one cannot see "over yonder".
I park my car just down yonder, but my house is actually over yonder, behind that hill.
by Barbados Man May 19, 2015
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the pursuit of young adolescent girls ages ranging 13-17.
Lookie over yonder thurr...that some smooooooth soft skin
by Yonderman #3 May 6, 2008
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Mostly used by southerners when giving directions to a certain place.
Redneck: Yeah that car I seen was over yonder
by X_Stoner.Shorty_X March 12, 2021
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A likely acid-induced television show following an orange hairy tablespoon with a Southern accent named Wander, his blue horse-like friend, and their enemy, probably Skeletor's cousin, with his army of eyeballs that have SpongeBob voices.
"I watch Wander Over Yonder because I have a crush on Wander."
by maybe i am a fish January 29, 2016
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A really good cartoon created by Craig McCracken that got the ax too early because of Disney. It follows the adventures of an alien in another galaxy named Wander with his blue friend and steed, Sylvia. They’re constantly on the run from the self-proclaimed “greatest in the galaxy”, Lord Hater, a manchild skeleton dude with some pretty cool electricity powers and his army of eyeball aliens (in the show they’re called Watchdogs) and the commander of said army, Commander Peepers. Yes, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds.
Wander Over Yonder was a great show until Disney canceled it. Weird yes, but great.
by KNUP March 23, 2021
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adj. to say "over there" were theres hot girls, usually under 15 years old.
noun. A person who is able to acheive young girls or young girls themselves.
"Freshman P.E. class just got out! OVER YONDER"

"Dude, shes sooo OVER YONDER"
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