One who receives a spanking (corporal punishment on the backside, for the morons who don't get it), either for discipline, or for sexual or emotional stimulation.
1. The Spanker/Spankee relationship is one of the most common forms of S&M roleplaying.
by Deucebeast January 27, 2006
A Quickie, is well, a quickie.
A Yankee is like a Quickie, but you do it yourself.

But a Spankee? That's like a Yankee but hurts a little bit more.
(**Shaking Hands)

Steve: Hey Josh, I havent seen you in a while. What's up?
Josh: Not much, a little stressed out a work.
Steve: Where you off too in such a rush?
Josh: To be honest? I gotta get a spankee on before I head back to work from lunch.
Steve: Aaaah yes. I just got got one in too.

(***Awkward looks after shaking hands)
by TheFlashSimiValley May 13, 2021
tiny shorts you would wear under a uniform/cheerleading outfit, only more stretchy and see through
i saw that girls ass in spankees while she was stretching in her cheerleading outfit!
by hitt that April 23, 2005
to spank someone on the naked ass with an erect penis.
"He gave his new girlfriend so many spankees that her ass cheek was bright red"
by KillerMongaloid November 1, 2009
Daddy Spankee a highly toxic yet superfriendly streamer/personality.
Balanced in everyway from looks to personality this person doesn't seem fit to it name,
Also this is highly taken into consideration while creating his name.
From origin this name originated as a cute twist but grew up into a meme because of his own personality and look.
Uncensored and Unfiltered all the time.
Being supercharged by having ADD/ADHD+Being Latin-Caribbean is a vibrant way of mixture and it's never boring to be around him on or offline.
he love gamer-girls BTW.
Daddy Spankee why are you so toxic' how is telling the truth toxic'
by TwitchFanBase September 16, 2019
a baseball team that always gets beaten by the new york yankees, despite having a winning record against other teams.
before the red sox won the world series twice in 2004 and 2006, they were regular members of the new york spankees!
by anna2k2 April 5, 2010