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tiny shorts you would wear under a uniform/cheerleading outfit, only more stretchy and see through
i saw that girls ass in spankees while she was stretching in her cheerleading outfit!
by hitt that April 23, 2005

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chalupa, scrilla, scratch, paper, yaper
gouda means cheeze and cheeze means yaper ya square ass square butts!
by hitt that April 11, 2006

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someone's double/triple chin; the skin below your chin
(people usually brush your bow to see how long it jiggles)
that fat guys bow jiggled for hella long!
by hitt that April 19, 2005

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when someone slaps your back hella hard with all 5 fingers
that guy got a bruise from the 5 star i gave him!!
by hitt that April 19, 2005

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