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1. nonsence, hogwash, bilge, absolute bull, a waste of time and/or money, a sham. It's bogus - totally. Sometimes referred to as a "crock of crap" or a "crock of shit".

2. a container, such as a pot or kettle. This type of vessel is often used for cooking or washing or concocting or mixing.

3. brand name for a certain type of electric cooking pot that will cook delicious meals for during the day while you are occupied with other things. Just stir the food up every once in a while. Versatility and technology together!
1. You call yourself a Christ-i-an. I think you're a hypocrite. You call yourself a patriot. Well I say you're a crock of shit. - Mick Jagger

Take THAT, neo-cons!

2. Bubble bubble toil and trouble. The three witches in MacBeth are stirring up their gunk in a steaming crock.

3. Phillip's suculent pot roast dinner was waiting for him in the Crock Pot when he came home from work.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice March 26, 2010
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1. This term comes from the word 'SHIT' and the name 'HITLER'. Adolf Hitler was the worst war criminal and genocidal mass murderer of all time.
2. Donald Trump. He waves his little hands about like a prissy-miss Little Hitler that he is. Everything he talks is juvenile SHIT.

3. any obnoxious authority figure (like a boss) who flaunts his weight around and acts like a shit-ass towards the people who work for him. He thinks EVERYONE should suffer and he thinks it 'builds character' but he's really a sadistic pile of dog SHIT.
1. He HATES Hispanics so bad - he keeps carping about building a Berlin-type wall to keep Latin Americans out of the USA. He delayed disaster relief to Texas, California and especially to Puerto Rico because of their large Hispanic populations. He claims they come to America and rape but he's done the EXACT same thing. He commits incest too. Hypocritical Shitler he is.

2. Trumpturd recently referred to Haiti, African nations and generally mostly-black populated countries as 'shithole' countries while expressing his desire for more immigrants from say Norway which are mostly white. This makes his racism VERY CLEAR yet HE'S the one full of shit. His opinions and actions on Hispanics, Muslims, Blacks, immigrants, Jews, Native Americans, women and others reflect his supremacist views. He was endorsed by David Duke the American Nazis in 2016. Trump is a Hitler, full of SHIT ---> so he is a SHITLER!!!
3. my supervisor takes shit from his higher-ups and then he trickles it down on our crew, the 'underlings'. He LOVES to see us under pressure and he LOVES to make us nervous all the time. It makes him feel good and macho but he is just an immature sadistic little Shitler who will never amount to anything!
by I Saw U2 Live Twice January 22, 2018
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A slurrish contraction of 'Is that so'? Used more commonly in the eastern US states, particularly New York and the New England region. It's a bit on the sarcastic edge.
Donny: I'm the baddest smartest and best looking superstar in this school. Chicks dig me.
Eddie: Zatso?
by I Saw U2 Live Twice September 8, 2019
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Basically, it simply means "quit pussyfooting around, get to the point", or KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) or "say what you gotta say". The phrase is also the title of a greatest hits release from the Swedish band Roxette that I got in an HMV store in downtown Toronto, Canada. That album was probably released in Canada only.
Professor: Communism evolved as a warped corruption of scientific socialism, which was expounded by the German scientist Karl Marx, who was born in...etc, etc, etc....

Student (thinking): Don't bore us, get to the chorus!
by I Saw U2 Live Twice June 17, 2007
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an uncouth warmongering piece of shit who never served in the military, let alone during a war yet just 'knows' all the ins-and-outs of wars, internationally diplomacy, etc. They're usually boorish and offensive
1. Gerald didn't serve in Vietnam yet he carps about Gen. Westmoreland not being 'allowed to do the job', killing every 'squint-eye' out there and Jane Fonda. In a strange twist, he also carps about the Vietnam War being so wasteful and credits Richard Nixon for ending it when it truly ended during the Ford administration. IOW, he's an armchair general who needs to STFU.
2. When Desert Storm came on the TV and radio, broadcast 24/7, day and night LIVE, Desmond sat on his ass and watched the 'drama' on the TV, cheering, 'Yaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!! Kick some Ay-rab ass!!!!' like some juvenile sassybrat kid who took the 'Top Gun' movie way too seriously. He shot off his mouth the same way when the Panama War of 1989-1990 was aired on the media in a more 'normal' (not so dramatic) manner and he was that way with Somalia, Haiti, every war ever since. He too is an armchair general who needs to STFU.
3. Ted Turd Nugent and Kid Cock are armchair generals, cheerleaders who also need to STFU.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice February 28, 2022
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1. lengthy prog rock/hard rock tune by the Canadian band Rush. I think it refers to a classic piece of lit called "Kubla Khan", don't quote me on this.

2. one of the most wretchedly godawful movies ever made. An absolute waste of time, film, money and effort. It was a total dud and a bomb during the summer of 1980. The story line was unbelievably stupid. It was possibly the worst movie ever released to public cinemas until that exalted status was taken by "Sibling Rivalry" ten years later. It starred the Aussie Olivia Newton-John as a "muse", can U dig it? But it gets worse from there, much worse. About the best thing about this flick is the historical fact that the action that occured during the music clips foretold the emergence of MTV the following year. The soundtrack ain't too bad, however. Olivia scored a big hit with "Magic", another one with "Suddenly" (with Cliff Richard), and the title track with the "Electric Light Orchestra". ELO also scored high with their own "I'm Alive" and "All Over the World". Despite the embarrassment that this shitty movie placed upon them, ELO and Olivia would go on further into their music careers with even more success.
1. When I saw Rush on their "30th Anniversary Tour" in 2004 they played a wide spectrum of classics, including "Xanadu".

2. I first saw Xanadu on TV at my grandparents' house one summer a few years after that movie first came out. A complete piece of trash. Olivia herself would later star in another flick, "Two of a Kind", with John Travolta again. It too was an utter pile of puke. My roomate commented on Olivia's nice ass. That was the best thing you could say about that one.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice December 7, 2007
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1. the political agenda (Neue Ordnung) that the Nazis had set for Germany after seizing power. It included the conquest of the entire planet and the extermination of billions of people.

2. the totalitarian regime of Indonesia and its ideology established by Suharto in 1965. Pro-democracy activists toppled the New Order in 1998.

3. in the original paperback novel version of "Star Wars (A New Hope)" Emperor Palatine's Galactic regime is called the New Order.

4. a terrific UKalternative, dance and synth-rock band that rose from the ashes of the post-punk group Joy Division in 1980. They scored many MTV and club hits in the 80s and 90s. They greatly influenced the techno and electrodance scenes and disbanded in 2007.
1. The Nazi New Order slogan was "Heute Deutschland, morgen die Welt" ("today Germany, tomorrow the world").

2. AKA Orde Baru, the Suharto New Order was characterized by jingoistic nationalism, persecution of ethnic Chinese, wars of rebellion by other ethnic groups, a conquest of East Timor, corruption and nepotism.

3. For the "Star Wars" films George Lucas also derived the word "stormtroopers" from the German "Sturm Abtelung" - storm troops.

4. Among the many hits by New Order are "Everything's Gone Green" , "Temptation", "Blue Monday", "Confusion" , "True Faith", "Regret", "Crystal", "Touched by the Hand of God", "1963" and more. Check em out!
by I Saw U2 Live Twice March 5, 2010
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