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the wave of excessive bullshit that dominated everything during the fucking PC 90s, especially the second half. In 1993, ABC TV aired a special on angels, chiefly because New Age freaks decided that they believed in them. It gave "details" of supposed "encounters" with angels by people who wanted to make some easy money and their Warholian famous 15 minutes. Soon after that "prophecy" shows appeared on TV to fool the gullible and uninformed, and using superstitions, misread readings, scientifically unsound theories and outright lies. The angel fad didn't abate, CBS put out "Touched by an Angel" to feed the heat-of-the-moment sentiments, the up-to-that-point good country band Alabama put out the trend-chasing crap song "Angels Among Us", and angel pins and other angel-themed merchandise was sold. Cha-ching!. In 1996 Comet Hyakutake graced our skies with a spectacular showing. After that it happened again with the wonderful Comet Hale-Bopp. Many cults and sects appeared out from under the woodpile, and many people commited suicide en masse, particularly in the Order of the Solar Temple, Heaven's Gate and more. When the aforementioned comets came close to the Earth, much doom-saying was made and ignorance was rampant. One particular cult picked up it's tents and settled outside the city of Jerusalem to await the arrival of Jesus Christ. The comets gave an impetus for Hollywood to make some real crappy disaster-from-the-skies movies. Simply put, Jesus Christ didn't return (He will when He's ready to, not before and not when we predict it), and the universe kept on rolling.
TV, movies, the Internet, other forms of communication, clothing styles, music, culture, religion, and much more were affected by the trends of all the end-of-the-millenium bullshit that came out in the last decade of the 20th century. OK, Prince said "they say two thousand-zero-zero party over oops, out of time. So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999". But why did so many people have to take it all so literally? As we well know, it's 2007 and we're still here, for all it's worth. The end ain't gonna come until it's time for it.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice June 17, 2007
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this phrase is just another way to spell out the word "suck", as in "S-U-C-K". Maximum suckability.
1. On Independence Day 1996 a relative of mine came over and we went to the cinema to see the movie "Independence Day" (it opened on that day, of course) and it had cliches and stereotypes galore. For starters, the Vietnam vet character was a bum and big time substance abuser who could only "redeem" himself to society by giving his life in a suicidal mission against the alien invaders. Also the flick had every possible scene, landscape, plot device and catchphrase ripped off from every sci-fi thriller in the book. One actor even reprised a term he used in the excellent "Jurassic Park" blockbuster from a few years before. Of course, there were predictable jingoistic elements and the lack of originality deep-sixed that film all the way from the start. Man did it ever ess you cee kay.

2. From a concert review page in an alternative weekly newspaper in an Ohio city:

... early in the evening I got to see and review the white female funkateers Luscious Jackson at the Palladium. The ladies luscious showed some good skillful funk playing, 'cuz they can really git down. After that entertaining gig I had to go to Wolfgang's to catch the Detroit punk/metal/rap/whatever/wtf band Loud Mouth and man alive did they ever ess you cee kay. Ya dig it?
by I Saw U2 Live Twice June 13, 2008
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We all know who the Fab Four are. In the Eighties a motley bunch of New Wave/postpunk bands from Britain came to our shores. In early 1983 five men with good looks, talent, a style inspired by glam and a penchant for catchy songs with the lyrics occasionally a bit oblique ("Union of the Snake", anyone?) and spectacular videos, some of which are downright STRANGE. Those last two factors didn't really matter diddley squat, because girls were screaming and the band really rocks.
Duran Duran hysteria was really ON, reminding some adults of the Beatlemania that came 20 years before. Radio station DJs on both sides of the Atlantic (and beyond) referred to this band as the "Fab Five".
Duran Duran, consisting of Simon LeBon, Andy Taylor, John Taylor, Roger Taylor (the 3 Taylors are not related), and Nick Rhodes is the Fab Five, hands down. Some so-called "music experts" have dubbed N'Sync as the "Fab Five" but if you think that bunch of chumps are "fab" then I got the deed for the Golden Gate bridge to sell you. Duran Duran may not be the Beatles but they are still cool and fab.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice August 25, 2008
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1. a derogatory term for homosexual.

2. in the vocabulary of the immature and ignorant, a term used for anyone they don't like -whether the subject is really gay or not. To such people, all people not like them are "liberals" or "fags".

3. in earlier times, to smoke
1. Donald: Greg Bottle is a fag.
Pete: If you call him a fag, he will beat your ass!

2. Anna: Bruce Springsteen and John McCain are liberal fags!
Erica: That just shows your high-school mentality.
You remind me of some punk-ass brat I knew in first grade that called everyone a "motherfucker". He had no idea what the word meant. Grow up and shut up!

3. Aaron: Mrs. Pinklon was fagging on them cigarets in the gym again.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice June 21, 2006
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a term used by critics to describe the wanky clone and chumpy bands that came on the wave of the "alternative" rock jeremiad that arrived after good bands like the Cure and Nirvana scored big hits. The "duh" refers to the fact that those bands are wussy, derivative and stupid to the max. In every genre you have the superstars and then there are the zeroes who ride on the talented groups' coattails.
1. In a CD listening booth I checked out the new releases. I heard a wussy British band doing a song about "boys and girls...", it had a synthesizer pulsing beat ripped off from "Fashion" by David Bowie. The rest of the tracks were utter crap. This alterna-duh album was by Blur.

2. The music critic in the local independent paper referred to the Primitive Radio Gods as an "alterna-duh" band.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice October 16, 2008
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A new appellation for Donald Trump, the worst and rottenest traitor of all time. He embarrassed the USA to tremendous beyond repair by his actions, thoughts reflected in his hateful boorish juvenile blubbering talk, and his ego larger than the planet Jupiter (over 1500 times larger than planet Earth!). He is a racist, rapist, usurper, fascist, and many other evil things. He has no credentials, no soul and not a single respectable or honorable trait, aspect or a bit of character at all.
Donnie Douchebag has given himself many titles and poses with immense pompous pretention and an ugly personality cult. He has called himself 'Individual One', 'the Donald', and the 'Chosen One'. That last self-imposed title along with his hateful bloated actions makes him by every definition of the word an ANTICHRIST. He is a Caligula by every definition but to the entire world, he is the American Asshole. Thing is, he is a sputnik and a lap bitch to Vladimir Putin, even now.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice April 18, 2022
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Look at Iran. It calls itself an "Islamic Republic". It's a theocratic dictatorship where the ruling ayatollahs impose THEIR version of Islam on Iranians.
American ayatollahs are those who want to impose THEIR version of Christianity on all American people. They want to establish a totalitarian nation, a Christian Iran.
The American Ayatollahs are the "fundie"- inclined false prophets who steal, and try to force their views on America. This recent election campaigning we had was tainted by rumors and lies. The main candidates seemed to be alright but there were cretins on both sides of the fence and the Christian Reich tried to use it all to their advantage. Barack Obama and John McCain acted civil to each other but the fanatical riff-raff and the lies and the rumors were all over the place. These American Ayatollahs are nothing but prying con artists with an evil agenda!
by I Saw U2 Live Twice January 27, 2009
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