When two people have sexual intercourse in a short amount of time
Chad : Hey babe my wife's out of town tonight and the kids are at grandmas guess we can fuck all night!
Kiersten : Sorry It will have to be a Quickie Jake is coming over at 6!
Chad : JAKE! who the hell is Jake?
Kiersten : My new boyfriend and he is so amazing in bed did you know he has a 16 inch cock!
Chad : I can't believe your are cheating on me!
Kiersten : CHEATING! Really your the one who's married!
Chad : Suddenly I just feel like a piece of meat to you!
Kiertsten : OH SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
by SlopNChop May 15, 2017
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A term used to describe sexual intercourse that has either lasted a short amount out time, involved absolutely no foreplay, or only one of the participants actually got off.
A husband might say, "Hey babe, wanna have a Quickie?!" And the wife might respond, "Not if you're going to leave me hanging again."
by Sustaining6 June 12, 2020
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A sexual activity done in a quick, orderly fashion as to not spoil the moment.
Bob got a quickie right b4 the party.
by B NAsty September 13, 2003
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When you have really short, yet enjoyable sex.
Hanna, the hottest girl in school, accidentally stroked my cock in science when she leant down to pick up her pen. I was rock hard, and she noticed. She looked at my with a hungry look in her eyes before whispering, “Meet me in the janitors closet at recess.”
As soon as the bell rang for the start of recess I ran to the closet, where I found Hanna sitting completely naked, shoving a dildo in and out of her pussy. I somehow got even harder. She stopped fucking herself and started making out with me, unbuttoning my pants and shirt in the meantime. Soon enough, I was naked too. I pushed her into the wall and slammed my solid dick into her tight, wet cunt, and sucked and bit on her tits. She started moaning loudly, and I rammed my length into her pussy even harder and faster. I shot my cum into her cunt, filling it and making it drip with the combination of our cums. She was so pleased that she knelt down in front of me and pushed my entire cock into her mouth. She sucked and swirled for a few minutes before I came in her mouth, and she swallowed every last drop. We both got dressed again and before I left she said, “Meet here, same time, tomorrow?”

I quickly replied, “Only if you promise to last longer next time.”

Turned out, we fucked each other 1-2 times a day for the rest of senior year. We started dating and eventually got married. Now we work at the same place and have quickies once an hour.
by ReeChungusaur November 11, 2019
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Person 1.Yo dude i just saw Dylan and Michelle have a quickie

Person 2. aw damn dude he get a hickey out of it?
by Big balla69 December 1, 2009
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When a penis slips into a pussy for some quick pleasure
Kiersten : Wow Jake your pant's have a big buldge in them!
Jake : Yeah it happened when you bent over and I saw your pussy lips!
Kiersten : Well I didn't have any clean panties to wear this morning!
Jake : Well that just makes it eaiser for me to get in a Quickie!
Kiersten : Oh Baby! Slide your big cock in me!
by SlopNChop November 5, 2017
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Quickie(n.) quick sex , a quick fuck, a quick bang job
The chick gave me quickie.

I gave her a quickie and enjoyed the sound of her moan.

Quickies are cool!
by Ali Bashir January 31, 2006
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