when you fart and poo comes out a bit only to be re-inserted by the sphincter
stop spackling rachael its really annoying
by JONO June 16, 2004
When one is so lonely that he jerks off and leaves it to dry on his wall, forming intricate crustacions. Suitable for all latex paint.
Niko was spackling his wall with jizz
by Scott E. Irish January 2, 2006
when one's pussy or anus is filled with come, and you queef or fart, spraying it out all over your partner's body
The look of Jason's face was priceless after his girlfriend farted, who's ass he just came in, spackling his entire chest.
by deadlittlebunny December 27, 2010
if u fart when u have a sweaty ass-crack your ring makes a spackling sound
i fucking spackling!
by lewi-p December 6, 2003
V. to spackle, to poo just a bit and let it rub ur undergarment (leaving a stain; skid mark) before letting it retreat back into the lower colon.


to bend over a sleeping partner and spread you but cheeks and let the poo poke out and rub (leaving a brown mark) on thier nose before leting it retreat into the lower colon.
man i needed to "drop the kids off" so bad last night i splaked on my girlfriends face!

ohh man i need to shit soo bad im spackling in my superman outfit!
by xXBaHZoRsXx May 31, 2009
to have explosive diarrhea, not wipe yourself, and pull your pants back up.
Jeremiah: Yo why are you walking so wierd?
Uncle Bobby: I just spackled myself.
by porpoise April 20, 2008
verb: to spray with cum, or to smear cum over your partner's skin, crease, or crack after ejaculating.
After pounding her in the ass, he pulled out and spackled her crack.
by FunkyBumpkin April 28, 2005