what you wear under your purple pants and jacket.
I removed her undergarments with much force and ripped them and she fell over and I landed on top and we started watching Jay Leno on T.V.
by David Lewis December 30, 2004
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When large amounts of ones underwear is visibly sticking out of their pants.
Girl: I see your boxers...something I shouldn't see
Guy: Sorry, that was undergarment overflow
by larlarlarlarlar June 21, 2011
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My wife found a pube in her take away dinner and my daughter asked what a pube was so I said it was an undergarment hair so as not to embarrass.
"Honey, there's an undergarment hair in my dinner, hopefully it's one of yours"
by The Broon One. December 30, 2021
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Getting ones knickers in a twist for reasons that are not consistent over time. This applies especially to politicians engaged in spin control and selective outrage over the actions of others.
Jon Stewart used my new favorite phrase, selective undergarment bunching or SUB, to describe the reaction of some politcos on last night's show.
by Kelly-TBCRI January 28, 2014
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