Thin rubber material most commonly associated with sexual fetishes, in particular BDSM. Common clothing items might include: tight leggings, corsets, mini-dress' etc... Whilst most commonly found in black, latex can come in any colour. This material is slightly stretchy (although it can tear easily), is photosensitive (so should be kept out of sunlight) and should be oiled before each use with special latex oil to give it that glossy shine.
Jesus, she was so hot in that skin-tight latex mini-skirt!
by Evangeline Prue September 6, 2008
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A person who acts like an anthropomorphic animal online (furry); also is interested in the disgusting game Changed.
Ay Atom! Are you playing that Changed game? Man. You are a latex!
by BATTLE1 November 7, 2021
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A typesetting program often used by mathematicians to write documents and proofs. It has many libraries that contain pretty much all symbols used for math, including ways to write sums and limits. The coded text is converted into a pdf document for viewing. The name can be distinguished from the rubber latex by capitalization of the L, T and X in the word.
After proving the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, I typed up the proof using LaTeX so it would look nice.
by Corvallis Mathman May 7, 2013
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pronounced extremely unintuitively as "luh-tek"

A horrible/awesome document markup language. You can make your scientific documents and mathematical proofs look flawless at the small cost of several tedious hours per page (no exaggeration.) This time is usually spent googling how to do simple things like align text or figures. Often, the exact same problem has been posted in forums by equally frustrated individuals across the globe who also can't seem to figure out what should be intuitive but instead involves including some random package in your document's preamble. The problem with LaTeX is that the result is so great that once you start to use it and decide it is totally not worth the time, it's too late and you are in love with the pretty equations it can make and it devours your time (because you had lots of free time as a physics/engineering/grad student?) Now you can stay late at night in your office to work on papers and proofs. However you will likely get frustrated and distract yourself from preparing said documents, and end up browsing sites like The Chive and writing lengthy urban dictionary definitions.... oh wait.
a:Hey man, do you want to do fun social things with our social group tonight?

b:No I'm good. I have another paragraph to format in LaTeX, which will take me the next 6 hours or so.

c: ??
by jamesk December 11, 2013
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The material made to put into the pussies of all woman
That's a nice woman, let's shove some latex in that bitch.
by Jim t Smith May 8, 2019
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What your doctor puts on before fondling your balls.
*latex glove snap*

I'm going to need you to turn your head and cough for me.
by M. Bill Ferguson December 23, 2008
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Used to describe a game called “Changed”,a game in where you avoid being turned into latex monster by other latex monster,the word is mainly used to describe people who are fans of the game,due to the games nature.
Hey you played changed?” “Oh yeah,do you also happen to have a latex fetish?”
by TotallyNAfurry November 8, 2020
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