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to have explosive diarrhea, not wipe yourself, and pull your pants back up.
Jeremiah: Yo why are you walking so wierd?
Uncle Bobby: I just spackled myself.
by porpoise April 19, 2008
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verb: to spray with cum, or to smear cum over your partner's skin, crease, or crack after ejaculating.
After pounding her in the ass, he pulled out and spackled her crack.
by FunkyBumpkin April 28, 2005
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To explosively pound out a liquified dump, typically in to a toilet but not exclusively, that sprays uncontrollably all over the sidewalls of the bowl and your own ass. Due to it's uncontrollability and power, many people have spackled there pants, own legs and anything in a 4' radius just short of sitting down. It often resembles what pudding being fired out of a shotgun would look like.
I drank 20 budweisers last night and went on to spackle not only my undies but the toilet bowl, seat, my legs, shoes and bathroom floor.
by Adam Burgee October 10, 2006
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Usually white in color and very handy for filling in dry wall holes.
"I need to spackle that hole as the children like to tear up the house."
by Dick Splash November 10, 2003
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Wet and runny shit being forced out of your ass by many machine gun-like farts, spotting the entire inner part of the toilet bowl...walls and all.
(1) "Dude I have to shit bad, I think i'm going to spackle!!!"
(2) "I'll let you take a shit in my toilet
only if you don't spackle."
by Blaine January 05, 2005
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Based on color and consistency of dried ejaculate ( cum ) this is the act of gifting that ejaculate to a lucky lady, or man, or whatever you choose. The gift is given by ejaculating on the person. Different from β€œblam” where the gift is left inside the receiver.
She said to pull out so I pulled out and spackled her titties.
by Blamupinit April 18, 2019
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