8 definitions by porpoise

a goat that that does not have the luxury of vision. if a farmer was to have a choice between two of them it would be a really tough decision.
1. it is difficult to choose between two blind goats.
2. you: hey whats that blinded billy goats name?
farmer: that's arnot.
by porpoise September 26, 2005
laughing in such an uncontrollable way that if your friend was to slap you in the face it wouldnt phase you. also, if one becomes "slap happy" it is extremely difficult for those surrounding him to control their laughter.
1. when john wasnt looking, i took a drink of his cup and when he finally noticed 10 minutes later, i became slap happy.

2. hey rich, i'm fucking slap happy. (rich in turn becomes slap happy)
by porpoise September 16, 2005
a medicinal potion known to cure all ills. the king of all liquid on this earth.
hey jim, where did you put the elixir?
by porpoise September 24, 2005
A circular container containing a delicious blend of smokeless tobacco, flavor, and fiber glass.
Hey rich, you got the tin?
by porpoise September 13, 2005
an inflatable matress the size of a queen bed. it is designed for one human to sleep on at a time. it is also a great device to get extra rest on.
Rich: hey john, where are you going?
John: oh, im heading up to the double decker to get some extra rest.
by porpoise September 26, 2005
to have explosive diarrhea, not wipe yourself, and pull your pants back up.
Jeremiah: Yo why are you walking so wierd?
Uncle Bobby: I just spackled myself.
by porpoise April 20, 2008
1. what pennywise the clown actually is. it is an orange light that mesmorizes those that are afraid. when mesmerized, IT can feed. IT wakes up every thirty years and IT feeds. It is what is behind the clown. Like Stan Uris said "I saw what was behind the clown."

2. depression
I looked right into IT's... some kind of lights. I looked right into IT's deadlights.
by porpoise April 5, 2006