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A Eastern European criminal who can do fucking do anything. He can spawn helicopters in front of him like Jesus and he loves going Bowling with his cousin Roman. He also cannot die, he just passes out after falling 120,000,000 feet.
Niko! It's your cousin Roman lets go bowling!
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"Niko" To be loved by a man in an unforgettable, unsurvivable way.

A Niko isn't just a man, he is a mystery. His scent is mesmerizing, maybe like wind on a raining storming night but hard to define, which makes it even more captivating. Niko holds your face in his hands looking so deeply into your eyes that it goes to your soul. He does this while he makes love to you, making you feel like you are the most precious beautiful creature he has ever touched. He can fuck you for hours like a reckless caveman too. His naked body is perfect, beautiful, sexy and works every time. He has boundless imagination and energy in the bedroom. Niko will never be unfaithful to you. If a sexy woman is talking to him, He'll pull you close and introduce you as his girlfriend. Anytime you are with Niko is a sweet time, watching TV, cooking together or having sex, It's all magical--all of it. A Niko hides pretty foiled covered chocolates in your coat pockets in the winter. You find them in the most unexpected times, each time it stops you cold and makes your heart almost hurt, it's so damn sweet. He sends cookies in the mail for your sick dog. Niko makes his woman feel more beautiful than she really is, because he sees her that way. When you make love with Niko you fall into a heavenly state that you'll never see again with anyone else. He is a great love, a big love, a giant unforgettable, soul melting, irreplaceable love. If you lose your Niko, he will haunt your days and nights.
He "Nikoed" her. She had the time of her life.

"Oh mom!!! He's such a Niko!!!!!"
by ellennelly November 13, 2011
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Niko is a French adjective to qualify someone close to perfection. It is used to talk about semi-god or very beautiful men AND very modest people as well.
"Have you seen the new intern at AL ? He's such a Niko..."
"I would love to tap that Niko"
by Garni July 26, 2006
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Nikos is the character on TV that appears to be the underdog but once you get to know him is breathtaking. Nikos has the most honest eyes that melt like caramel. His smile is straight out of a cheesy Taylor Swift song. He is creative, and shy, but deep down a really great person. Even if he himself doesn't recognize it. He is naturally hilarious, but has so much more natural charm than he lets on. He really cares- if you ever meet Nikos remember he is worth knowing/loving.
"I just met a Nikos- total catch!"
by lorelaigilheartsalf June 23, 2013
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Is definitely not a lax bro. If you are named Nikos and are a lax bro, out the jam brotha', out the jam. Wears socks that are too big for his slender but muscular legs. It naturally tan, but the lighting is never on his side when it comes to pictures. Appreciates ALF and Seinfeld, as well as catching up on his soccer games on YouTube (eyeroll). Is a little shy, but in the most charming of ways. Is usually pretty late, (disclaimer) and blushes often but he will not admit it. Nikos' tend to have the best eyes. Likes to walk into bushes, and when they smile they look at the ground. Nikos' can swim (probably) and are "Very fast- kind of like horses." Nikos' are originals and one might even say victors in the human world. If you meet a Nikos don't be shy, go up to him and say the strangest thing possible. In his natural habitat, he is messy but very comfortable. Nikos is wickedly skilled at piano, and a great sibling to boot. Nikos does not care for biology, but is naturally gifted in the art department. Nikos' tend to have small feet and hands but don't worry THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING. Probably. Hopefully. Who knows all Nikos' are different in that department. They aren't some cult (.....) Nikos' enjoy romantic walks in the dumps, and revolving in bed during their free hours. Hey- it's exercise. Bottom line, you should get to know the Nikos' of the world- they're pretty great. Oh and they can write- so look out.
Wow that female dog does not deserve Nikos.

Way to be a total Nikos, "vague and late."
by Kiraheartsalf June 23, 2013
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A cute athlete that is heart warming and is a excellent boyfriend. He knows just what to say to make you happy.
1. Niko is so nice!
2. I wish he was my boyfriend
by donotjudgekadimarie April 17, 2016
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