1. Fake crack.
2. Derived from the fact that crack is often counterfeited with soap.
3. Anything that is sold as crack but is not.
Fred went to get a 20 rock and ended up smoking soap.
by Ford Lawnmower October 20, 2007
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if i eated soap i don't eat it bc i did. no i didn't ❤️
by stupidchar May 26, 2020
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something you better not drop in jail!!!
Butch: Pick up the soap!!!
Eugene: Oh not again
by DtMxtimy August 26, 2008
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A solid or liquid substance used in such a manner (often friction) to cleanse a body part or item. See sope
by CelticWonder November 19, 2002
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"hash" madeby melting cannabis with rubber, plasic bags etc. aka soapbar, slate
its only soap but i'm skint
by Alex February 18, 2004
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Small chunks of soap, cut up to look like crack cocaine.

Made in order to sell to unknowing victims for large profits, with little initial investment.
"I'm that nigga that sold coke, the nigga that sold dope, the nigga that shot dice, went broke, then sold soap."
-- 50 Cent in "Life's on the Line"

"Fuckin over fiends, laughin in they face, sellin soap to niggas, could die any day."
-- Spice One in "Face of a Desperate Man"

"Sold dope, sold crack, sold soap, sold rap"
-- Jay-Z in "Think It's a Game" by Beanie Sigel

"Back in the days when coke was 20 a gram, I was the nigga selling soap for 50 a gram"
-- Poet in "Straight Outta Q.B." by QB Finest
by SurgicTube August 24, 2007
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