13 definitions by Ford Lawnmower

1. A old school scam used by bums to get money by using a can of dog food and a can of cornbeef and hash. The can of dog food is emptied and cleaned out and the cornbeef is placed in the dogfood can. The bum then sits outside a grocery store eating from the dogfood can and is given money by strangers that think the poor bum is eating dogfood.
2. Any scam where a bum lowers himself to a unethical level, such as pretending to have no legs.
Ford: Well the car is busted and I'm out of money.
porch: I have a couple of dollars. Lets get some cornbeef and some alpo and pull the dogfood scam.
Ford: Heheh, the dogfood scam, I'll get my bum suit out of the trunk.
by Ford Lawnmower October 21, 2007
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1. A multipurpose bread that is said to originate in Irvin, Kentucky.
2. A fried bread made from only self rising flour and water that can be used for any part of a meal.
3. Versatile bread that is very common in poor parts of Kentucky and other southern states.
4. Pocakes or poor cakes.
5. Replacement for bread, biscuits, pancakes or cornbread when you don't have the money for the real thing.
Debbie made some hoecakes and covered them with syrup for a nice Kentucky style breakfast.
by Ford Lawnmower October 21, 2007
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1. Fake crack.
2. Derived from the fact that crack is often counterfeited with soap.
3. Anything that is sold as crack but is not.
Fred went to get a 20 rock and ended up smoking soap.
by Ford Lawnmower October 20, 2007
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Hamilton, ohio In the 1920 Chicago gangsters made Hamilton, Ohio their second home. John Dillinger is documented to have been a visitor to Hamilton. During World War II, due to the large number of gambling and prostitution establishments such as Madame Freeze's and the long row of prostitution establishments along Wood Street (now called Pershing Ave), the entire city was declared off-limits to military personnel.
Hamilton is still known as little Chicago, although it is now just a drug infested shit hole, that some folks call home.
Screw Cincinnati, lets go to little Chicago, the crack rocks are bigger there.
by Ford Lawnmower October 3, 2007
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1. A rude and threatening panhandler that begs for money, but at the same time demands it.
2. A drug addict or crack head that is still in good health and begs for money with the threat of violence.
3. Commonly found on college campus's in the United States, bully bums run in packs and take money from freshman students and weaklings.
weakling: There are a bunch of bully bums up there. Lets cut through the alley.
Ford: Fuck them bully bums. I'm gonna bash their brains in with a brick.
by Ford Lawnmower October 21, 2007
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1. A license to panhandle that has to be purchased from a city.
2. Pertaining to new laws in the many cities in the United States that require you to have a license to beg for money.
Ford got his bum license for Cincinnati and put in a frame and hung it on the wall in his living room.
cop: excuse me mr. bum, I need to see your bum license.
bum: "runs away from the cop", stating, "I ain't got one you fuckin' pig.
by Ford Lawnmower October 21, 2007
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1. The style of porchagese spoken in New Zealand.
2. A combination of English, porchagese and New Zealand words made up by porch
3. Probably the most efficient language ever created because it uses long acronyms to replace long sentences that are commonly used.
4. porch style english.
Ford has been chatting with his friend porch and still can't make heads or tails out of porchuguese.
by Ford Lawnmower October 21, 2007
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