To tempt someone to do something they refused to do before.
I couldn't persuade her to change her mind.
by ♥♡Sweetheart♡♥ December 16, 2014
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my badass 12 guage Mossberg shotgun. its all black with pistol grips.called by some a redneck machine gun.
i broke out my persuader on that fuckin' thief!
by da trick biatch November 28, 2005
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A small group of individuals with sufficient critical thinking skills capable of unbiased information processing and departure from previously considered positions.
So, the Jan 6 committee is presenting it's findings.

Yeah. So.
Well, don't you think it's possible that if the persuadables watch the results could affect voting tendency?
Ha! Nope. Fox consumers don't even acknowledge the proceeding as legitimate and everyone else knows ex-45 is a shitbag, power hungry, corrupt, sociopathic narcissist.
by YAWA June 10, 2022
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adj. (1) Used to describe something that is politically incorrect, or whose public invocation is otherwise considered generally unacceptable, potentially offensive, or uncomfortable. (2) Used to describe a situation that is unfavorable or unpleasant.
In his campaign speech, the senatorial candidate addressed a number of persuaded issues that most other politicians had avoided.
by Notorious D.E.U.C.E. November 16, 2006
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the placing of one's hand on the back of a lovers head to remind them that a hand on the shaft is not enough. The mouth is more like it and is expected.
I was making out with my girl and all she was doing was grapping my dick so I gave her the persuader, and she sucked it like I knew she would.
by raulieg October 2, 2007
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Filipino way of saying First Wedding
Dish ish my mamz persuading annibersary, okay?
by The Chow Man October 21, 2004
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A sexual position in which the man holds the woman upside down by her ankles, inserts his penis into her vagina, and then shakes her up and down, as if emptying the money from her pockets.
"Hey, did you go out with Anne last night?" "Yeah, you'll never guess what happened." "Persuading the debtor?" "Oh, yeah!"
by Judd F. November 6, 2006
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