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legal resident of the United States; not really a nationality since everybody came here from somewhere else
by Alex April 3, 2003
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a fight or struggle between two or more people
I got into this huge anger orgy with my mom.
by Alex October 25, 2004
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A feeling of anxiety, hopelessness and misery, especially when regarded as unwarranted and melodramatic. Usually associated with the sort of people who write lame pissed-off poetry in high-school, hence the phrase "teen angst."
He's in an angsty mood today.
by Alex December 9, 2003
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Not really an example, but note to dimensio: "A nigga that wants ta' be a cracka" isn't a sentence. Phrases are okay to use. Learn some damn English grammar.
by Alex February 19, 2003
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fat conroy came over and took an annual, then left. Next day he took another one, it smelled funkayyyy.
by Alex December 29, 2004
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A term used by a partner when they are so desperate they will settle for penetration of any orifice whatsoever on their partner's body.
"C'mon honey it's been weeks... I'll settle an orifice, any orifice!"
by Alex January 22, 2004
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The worlds most widespread computer virus. Packaged with almost every software, and even your magazines, and your personal mail, it is impossible to avoid. Al-Quaeda supports AOL. BURN THE AOL BEFORE THEY ATTACK AGAIN!
The AOL Virus Version 9.0 just came in the mail! Throw it in the AOL Crematorium!
by Alex June 4, 2004
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