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a horrible situation or character who has enetered itself into a position beyond the realm of savior, a soul or event who is lost to fecal decay
Oh shitass, my sailboat got hit by a big goddam lightning bolt and my wife and erector set are stuck inside.
by Alex February 20, 2003
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A great band from Montreal, Canada. They sing about things they know and don't lead fake lives like other bands. They write their own songs, play their own instruments, and are very nice to their fans. Who really cares if you dont like their songs, but just find something else in your pathetic life to do besides bash bands.
Simple Plan is a great band because they do everything for themselves and are very nice.
by Alex February 27, 2005
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A lightly released gas. often release from the world of alex emersons ass. Usually a not so refreshing odour is present after the light eruption
by Alex January 18, 2004
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Basicly It Means 'Wasnt' But Most Bristolians Say It As Wunt
Person1:did you see dat fight yesterday it was off the hook!
Person2:naah mate i wunt der
by Alex February 25, 2005
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To slap the clitorous with a stick.
Ow! You slapped my cunt and now it is bleeding green goo!
by Alex January 28, 2003
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they are the best i luv em i allwayz snap a black one then i have a GOOD time don`t u??????!!!! i luv jelli`s so get over it
by Alex March 26, 2004
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