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Gay grindcore band from New York City. short super fast songs, mostly about being gay.
I saw limp wrist play the other day, and they played good.
by Alex March 31, 2005
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Unconcerned and bored expression of acknowledgement. uncaring, blase
You guys are so ignorant.
Hmm ja whaaaaatever.
by Alex September 14, 2002
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A term often used by construction workers that refers to African Americans. An abreviation for "Slippery Jigaboo"
"That damn slipjig needs to get off his ass and go to work"
by Alex December 6, 2004
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Aussie1: How ya garn?
Aussie2: Good, self?
Aussie1:Yeah awright, garn the footy this arvo?
Aussie2:Nah....garn the movies instead.

Garn get fucked ya fuckin mongrel.
by Alex October 9, 2003
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The crusty ring around the anus formed when showering is not an option, or when you're just dirty.
by Alex March 5, 2005
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The best radio station played in New Jersey. Plays non-mainstream music and kicks major arse!
Did ya hear about that godly radio station that doesn't play mainstream music like the other zombie radio stations?
by Alex November 25, 2003
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