when two surfaces make contact and form resistance.
I got friction last night until 3 am!
by lordgrammardorf July 25, 2008
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i mean, i cannot explain to myself why i should be misunderstood. like all the time! what is it? its not that im speaking a foreign language, not that i have bad intentions. yet it sounds wrong in peoples ears. and they critisize me for things im not about. and why should i apologise for their misconception?
all i did was let them know my thought through, clean opinion on why i disagree! they responded that i was being disrespectful. why, because i don't agree and show up alternatives? because i fail to use their submissive, stuck up, "polite" tone? In fucking arts? polite? arts? why do i even have to tell them that friction will help us evolve, not being polite, saying what they want to hear, trying to be liked.
by Krkič April 19, 2019
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tension between two people, often in a relationship (sexual, friendship or business)
There's so much friction between Samantha and her boss lately
by Andrew Kismet August 20, 2003
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Not only is "friction" one of the best words, as well as most sexual, but, come one, wonderful things come from friction...mostly orgasms, and what's better than an orgasm? Very few things.
by Elley Chaos May 25, 2003
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When you are watching television and start yelling at it.
friction: " *watching a horror movie* Common, dumbass, don't go in the room! Stupid bitch, she's gonna die"
by hashfag SYDNEY!!! :O June 12, 2012
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The feeling when your dick is about to bust something real huge.
Man: *jerks of to lindsay lohan and feels the friction*
by Bubba_The_Retard June 23, 2006
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What is created when two or more people swak.
Rafal and ReRe were all up in each other so much that the friction caused enough static to create a lightning storm.
by Sir JosHIZZLE March 23, 2006
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