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A mixture of snot and cum resulting from a well-placed 'facial'.
Sara coughed and blew the snum out of her nose after that jerk Will came in her face.
by Read September 27, 2003
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Also called snizz, it's known as the act of sneezing and cuming at the same time. This unfortunate event leaves its male victim with a face full of cum, and a crotch full of mucus. This undesired result usually happens to lonely guys who have allergies.
1. Guy: Oh yeah.. baby... oh... thats it.. hear i cumm... ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh.. AAAHHCUUUU! FUCK! I just snumed everywhere! MOM!! TOWEL!! ..NOW!
2. Bob: Dude, is that mike's cum all over your face?
Matt: Nah man, its just snum, no big deal.
Bob: Right..
by Burnski March 31, 2008
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well "snum" comes from a mix of snot and cum , and heres the def. : It can happen two ways. #1:After a female or male give a guy a long blowjob ,and he shots his wad in her/his mouth and a few seconds after that before she/he swallows she/he sneezes resulting in the snot and cum to mix and come out her nose . #2:When you sneeze at the exact second you orgasm , feels very strange and cool.
exp. 1
dude 1 "Man after a long bj this chick took down my load and then she sneezed and it landed on my chest , it was gnarly dude"
exp. 2
dude 2 "Man awesome , when I was jackin off I sneezed right when I was about to shot my jizm all over , it awesome dude."
by tbone73034 April 10, 2004
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Snum is a nickname for a lame-ass student at Shorecrest. Snum is actually male, though can occasionally be seen wearing home-made skirts. When relaxing, the Snum likes to stand with its legs spred and hands on its' hips, sticking out its non-existant cheast.
Snum baked another coffee cake today. What a suck up.
by Jesus Pimp Christ May 08, 2005
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To snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
Wow! You were in first place with 10 feet to go and you came in last! You really snummed that one.
by acheron0 September 12, 2008
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