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Guys named Will are the sweetest, funniest, and most enjoyable person to be around and hang out with. Wills have bluish green eyes that can leave anybody breathless and smiling like an idiot. They are tall, tan, and very athletic. Wills like to make people laugh and make the best boyfriends. They are protective and caring and they like to make you feel like the only girl in the world. Wills give the most amazing hugs and are awesome kissers. You are very lucky if you have a Will in your life.
sweet funny athletic cute fun will
by iloveyouu2.12.12. November 22, 2012
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Will is a guy that might be the sweetest human being to walk the earth. He's been through so much more than anyone can ever imagine and you can talk to him about any problem. He's an amazing lover, super hot, and a great person to cuddle with. When he walks by the lady's surround him saying his name, and boys go gay for him. Total sex god
-Woah who's that?
-Will! he's perfection. Literally sex on toast
by The Secretive One November 09, 2013
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The cure to all the world's unhappiness, sorrow, guilt, greed, etc. Will is the cure to every possible malady and sadness. He is the most beautiful man to ever walk the earth. He can make you laugh, cry, and just kiss him until your lips hurt. He is the greatest thing to ever happen to anyone in the world, especially me. He is an actor, a singer, and the best friend and boyfriend a girl could have. Whenever you are around Will you can't think any thought other than a thought about him. When you look in his eyes your body goes numb and you can only focus on breathing. The way he confounds you with his intelligence can make you sit there completely confused. He is, amazing. There is no way you can truly say how much you will love him.
I found my Will.
by Shakespeareslover April 28, 2011
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Meaning: protector
He is always there for you. Caring, thoughtful, loving, always looking out for you. He loves to please, is super sweet, and will do anything to make those he loves happy. He won't let you down. He is an accomplished bassist and clarinetist. Loves to play with knifes, but only hurts himself occasionally because he is skilled at knife-flipping. Loves explosions like most members of the male gender. Has a great sense of humor and is very charming. Those of the "Will-type" are usually extremely cute. Girls will fall head over heels for him. They make great boyfriends since they know how to treat a lady the best. You would have to be a fool to let go of someone this special.
I was really down, but Will cheered me up and made me feel special again. I love him so much!
by Micaela64 July 21, 2010
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a special type of man that is hard to find. very handsome, intelligent and above all caring. Always takes the time to make sure you are ok and will show genuine interest in you and your life. Willing to help at any point and wants what is best for you. He is very open and will love you for who you are and not be afraid to show it.

You can always tell when he is worried/anxious/hungry when he goes quiet and has a certain look on his face. His eyes give his feelings and thoughts straight away.

Great body, extremely talented, highly entertaining, witty, and great in bed. A best friend that is loved and will never be forgotten.
he's a will type of man
by duvetlove February 28, 2015
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The definition of true, raw, real love. His voice as soft and as sweet as the wind when it passes by as the sun sets. His hair is soft and yet strong, because his constant thoughts and analyzation of the world around him makes his hair darker and stronger. His cheeks are plush and prominent, because of how much he smiles. His smile warms the hearts around him, especially mine. But his mind, his mind is wise, mature, his mind is a world of compassion, empathy and is open to all the things that is around him. He is to share his love to the world, to teach others a new light of the world, to spread his positive light and be the change the world should have. The shine in his eyes resemble an old soul, a path to true happiness if you look into them deep enough. Youre amazing will. youre good at games too stud
"man that dude is a will, id tap that"
"a hole is a hole"
by GayBabyOrgy September 26, 2017
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A hilarious, funny, adorable, dorky guy. he will always cheer you up when you feel sad and he has the prettiest blue eyes in the entire world. hes super dorky but in a good way. he's really smart, but he is very awkward. basically, if you're lucky enough to know a Will you should never ever let him go. marry that man and have his adorable dorky babies.
Person A: I met a Will today.

Person B: Arent Wills great?

Person A: Yeah i want to marry him.
by Shamalama12 November 28, 2012
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