To be squirted in the face with semen from an ejaculating male. See cumfaced
I would like to give you a face full.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 21, 2004
When someone rubs their ass in your face and farts repeatedly, while you are licking their ass.
by Lemon Twisty Boy February 4, 2004
A phrase phrase used by an aggressor to intimidate a victim.
Yo man... you better shut your mouth or your gona get yourself a face full of southside!
by Dr. Pothier February 19, 2022
A swirly were the victim is made to face the ceiling as the bully sits on their mouth and shits in their mouth
Maddison was in for a heap of trouble because she was gonna get a face full swirly

Maddie had spent all day washing her mouth out but couldn’t get the taste of chance’s shit off her tongue she had just been given a face full swirly chance took her into the men’s restroom and dropped a load in her mouth till her mouth was overflowing with brown shit and she was forced to eat it then chance got on the ground and stripped Maddison and fucked her hard then cum inside of her she hated it but he loved it he did this every week Maddison was his hot little bitch
by Empty void November 23, 2019
1. When a man ejaculates in someones face
"Yo man I just gave Pedro a face full of celebration while he was sleeping, it was had to be there."
by kbricks69 April 2, 2009
When your so mad at something, you have a face full of buggery. Angry/mad facial expressions.
Martin come storming in, with a face full of buggery. He was definitely raging
by Evlo_ November 17, 2019
dining at a pink taco stand or eating a trick
"I was getting a face full of puh last night. It was awesome."
by Lee McChesney April 26, 2008