Something A man will say before striking a woman upon the mouth or perhaps cheek, usually with a back handed motion known as pimp slap. This woman usually reffered to as a "ho" or "bitch" will then act as if nothing happened and she was not hit directly in the lip with a pinky ring. If she can accomplish this subterfuge with no one the wiser she is well on her way to the coveted "bottom bitch" position that is now available as Bonqueesha was recently stabbed and or over dosed.
Ho: But Daddy I don't wanna walk no mo.
Man: Damn bitch *SLAP*
Ho: Well I can walk a lil mo.
by JordanTheDollarBill July 11, 2008
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cocksucker, pussy asshole cunt. motherfucking dirty whore, shat onto my lunch. Piss cunt damn bitch suck my dick Jesus harold christ, shit bitch cocksucker goddamn motherfucker pussy asshole cunt!
Guy 1: Im gonna sing
Guy 2: wut?
Guy 1: Fuck shit damn bitch
Guy 2: oh... fuck
by Indominus67 March 9, 2020
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This is something you say when you are really mad at something or someone
Person1: "If you dont bring the money back buy 5 o clock then im going to fucking rip your dick off"

by M3guy January 21, 2003
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this is what you say when your happy as fuck to be having sex with some bitch by a dam.
bend her over the dam and go to town!!!!don't forget to hit the high hole while your back there..Love the Rev.
by Rev. Jamie March 23, 2003
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