"AF on my chest" = Bunch of dudes jizzing on my chest
by AF_RS March 9, 2017
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Referring to the S on Superman's chest. When someone walks around like they got a s on their chest, they walk around like nothing can harm them or like they're invincible or something.
"People say I walk around like I got a S on my chest"- 50 Cent
by Catherine October 9, 2003
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when a guy tries very hard to date the woman he loves or he feels attracted to but she inexorably turns down all his romantic proposals or she commits for a date but never turns up
"Hey Pal, how was the date with that smoking hot babe?"
"It was a disaster... she simply shit on my chest..."
by themilfonian November 1, 2011
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Refers to the s on supermans chest. You act like you cant be hurt or taken down, as if you are invincible.
"They say i walk around like i got a s on my chest" Lil Wayne,Go DJ
by xxKiara27xx July 19, 2005
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A sexual phrase used in a fortnite p2isthename video by a crazy female fortnite player.
by The strange meaning finder October 16, 2019
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the phrase used to describe how one will angrily react to something that another caused to occur. When someone is so furious they will shit on anothers chest.. similar to "shit a brick" angry. The problem causer(s) will get their chest shat on... not literally.
1. My cell phone bill was 300 dollars over.. My dad is honestly going to shit on my chest.

2. You didnt put our sex tape on the internet.. I am going to shit on your chest
by rubella April 4, 2005
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