A phrase associated to Ska.
As in to pick up the beat.
Often heard at ska shows.
Pick It UP! Pick It UP! Pick It Up! Pick It Uuuuuuuuuup!
by Ska Monkey Steve August 20, 2005
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what you say when you let go of a silent fart that you know will stink
The guys and I were watching football when I said, "pick it up". Nobody knew what I was talking until I told everyone I had just dropped ass and they should "pick it up!!!!"
by Steven aka Goldie November 14, 2008
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something to brighten your day or give you an energy boost, especially useful when you can't spare time for a lunch break during a long day of work.

also, chemical mood enhancers such as alcoholic beverages.
Let's go for coffee, I could sure use a pick-me-up.
by kiki86 March 30, 2007
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something to keep you going whether if be an energy drink or a bump of some blow
i need a pick me up cuz i havnt done any shit for about an hour
by e-haw420 June 25, 2008
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A little some thing someone says or does to make a sucky day turn in to a good day.
friend 1 "There's no drama in my life, there's no drama in my life. repeat until haters go away"

Friend 2 " wow you just made me smile ! that was just the pick me up I needed "
by realgothy September 13, 2011
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When the person drinks coffee and French kisses someone, and the recipient tastes the coffee on the person's tongue.
"That person gave me quite the pick-me-up, I was able to taste the coffee right from his mouth!"
by SomeGuyFromBrooklyn July 30, 2017
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its kinda like a pick-me-up but not rly
a pick-you-up is something that you get when your in a really bad mood that makes you feel better.
for example, some people might get a new pair of shoes after breaking up with their boyfriend to make themselvels feel better. that is called a pick-you-up.

"thanks for the snickers bar. i really needed a pick-you-up."
"lets go shopping, i need a pick-you-up"
"sex was great! thanks for the pick-you-up"
by alyssaw911 July 11, 2008
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