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The official act of shooting a 3-point shot from the far left or the far right of the hoop and making it. The feeling you get when you make it is the same feeling you get when you bite into a brand new Snickers.
Tevin- Hey Jimmy! How come you haven't had a Snickers in long time?

Jimmy- I'm trying!!!!

Tevin- Oh well, you must like Reese's.
by Mr. Rugby November 3, 2011
A Swag Library is a wardrobe of clothes in style and very appealing. A Swag Library consists of enough clothes to match up a new and different outfit for 2 weeks straight. When it comes to a swag library being rich or poor can't change the amount of time needed to create it. It takes 3 - 5 years to successfully create a swag library because it should consist of different styles of clothes for different seasons of the year and only certain items are considered swag which would have to be added piece by piece to the library. Most people start around ages 17 or 18. In recent history an average of 1 of 64 people have successfully completed a Swag Library and you know who they are.
Person 1: James has on something fresh everyday! Dude has mad swag

Person 2: Yeah! Where does he get all this stuff?

Person 3: Hes got a Swag Library.
by Mr. Rugby February 3, 2012
Men are like Cheetahs and women are like Gazelles. A smart Cheetah is not gonna go for the strongest, fastest, most alert Gazelle but instead for that one Gazelle in the back wit the broken leg. Why? Cause it's a sure catch.
Gazelle Wit the Broken Leg. No need to explain
by Mr. Rugby November 3, 2020
Someone who puts their pronouns in their bio.
Jimmy - She seems cool
Philip - Yeah but she's a her/she bar. She has pronouns in her bio
Jimmy - Dang! Another lost one
by Mr. Rugby March 14, 2021
Baby poseidon is the generic brand blue raspberry juice you get at your local grocery store for at MOST $1.50. This is the juice you take home in slurp down in 2 days and is 0% real juice. This type of juice is also known as blue drink or some people just call it Kool-Aid.
XBOX Live Gamer: Hold on guys, imma go grab a glass of that baby poseidon real quick.

XBOX Live Gamer 2: Alright, we'll wait for you.
by Mr. Rugby February 3, 2012
Fast ear is the feeling you get when you listen to a song you've heard before and think that it is faster than usual but it actually is the original speed. When this happens you should immediately turn the song off and come back later and listen to avoid any permanent damage.
Georgy- I have to get the song from a different site, that track is sped up.

Jessica- No it's not, its the same speed. You just got fast ear.
by Mr. Rugby February 22, 2014
Difficult to explain without a video clip, a Lizard Neck is a male or female who tends to turn their head to look at something and can snap back in a split second. These are those people you catch staring in the corner of your eye, then as soon as you look up they snap their head away from you as if they weren't looking. You would think that their neck would strain from it but they are adjusted to the cause. Everybody has had their share of Lizard Neck moments but some of us have adapted to it.
Jackie: That boy Damon is a Lizard Neck! He keeps lookin at me, then snappin' away when I look back!

Jasmine: I got one of those in the front of my class.
by Mr. Rugby February 3, 2012