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A gloryhole is a hole made in a thin wall or other type of partition where a man can insert their penis for sexual stimulation by an anonymous person on the other side. They can be found in bathrooms in the stall wall, in private rooms found in adult bookstores, and in dark rooms and labyrinths in bathhouses. Open rooms in bathhouses with many gloryholes are called a sucktorium and often have a raised level on one side of the holes to allow everyone to stand.

Oral sex and hand jobs are the most common types of gloryhole sex, though anal sex is also common. Some bathroom stalls and adult bookstore booths, where three stalls or rooms are in a row, have two gloryholes on opposite sides of the center location to allow the person in the middle to alternate sucking the two men, or to suck one while positioning themselves to be fucked by the other.

Some gloryholes in public are disguised, covered with a loose fitting toilet paper holder or plate. Some in-wall toilet paper holders can be opened to allow a discreet hole between the two sides. Other public gloryholes are more obvious and are frequently covered or blocked by people that don't approve. As gloryhole locations can be hidden, often change, and may be located in more remote locations, its best to consult a gloryhole database website like beforehand to see where the nearest gloryholes are and what type of activity they have.
The public bathroom in the park has an active gloryhole at night if you're looking to get off.
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by cruisedb April 30, 2020
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Definition: A Glory Hole is the slang name for hole located in a partition in which one’s penis is inserted, thus separating the participants and ensuring anonymity throughout the act of copulation or fellatio. The most common place to find Glory Holes are in Adult Book Stores that have video arcades.

Glory Hole Etiquette
The process is very simple but there are still a few things you need to know. When you enter the arcade area of and Adult Book Store, you will see one or more rows of doors that lead into the video booths. There are normally several ways of determining if a booth is occupied. The most common is “red” and “green” lights located above each door. Once money is inserted into the video machine, the light turns from red (vacant) to green (occupied).

Once you find a vacant booth, enter it and put money or tokens into the video machine. This is how the store makes their money and the employees check them on a regular basis. You will see channel select and volume control features on the front of the video machine. If you are there to “give”, just put your finger through the hole and rub it along the bottom. This is the common signal letting the person on the other side know you are ready to receive. If you are there to “receive”, just wait for the same signal. The common que to notify the “receiver” of ejaculation is a few light taps on the wall.

Some locations have rows of booths which allows each booth to have a hole on both sides.
by GloryholeSwallow October 21, 2013
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n. A hole in a bathroom of a truck stop where anonymous oral sex received.
I work at a glory-hole
by Renee December 15, 2004
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A hole located in a partition in which one's penis is inserted, thus separating the participants and ensuring anonymity throughout the act of copulation or fellatio (or possibly a titty wank).

In higher class establishments, this hole will be fabricated with duck tape to prevent genital chaffing.
by Zayid and Andrew December 23, 2003
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A hole the size of a fist usually, large enough for a penis, the penis is then place through the wall and the person on the other side is free to do what ever they want with the dick.

usually found in adult stores and rest rooms.
I got my dick sucked through the glory holes at the rest stop.
by APUboi January 26, 2006
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a hole that ejects candy. go on put you mouth against it and get a sweat (taste of whats to cum)
Glory Hole is like a pick and mix
by cosmiccorpser April 20, 2016
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