A gloryhole is a hole made in a thin wall or other type of partition where a man can insert their penis for sexual stimulation by an anonymous person on the other side. They can be found in bathrooms in the stall wall, in private rooms found in adult bookstores, and in dark rooms and labyrinths in bathhouses. Open rooms in bathhouses with many gloryholes are called a sucktorium and often have a raised level on one side of the holes to allow everyone to stand.

Oral sex and hand jobs are the most common types of gloryhole sex, though anal sex is also common. Some bathroom stalls and adult bookstore booths, where three stalls or rooms are in a row, have two gloryholes on opposite sides of the center location to allow the person in the middle to alternate sucking the two men, or to suck one while positioning themselves to be fucked by the other.

Some gloryholes in public are disguised, covered with a loose fitting toilet paper holder or plate. Some in-wall toilet paper holders can be opened to allow a discreet hole between the two sides. Other public gloryholes are more obvious and are frequently covered or blocked by people that don't approve. As gloryhole locations can be hidden, often change, and may be located in more remote locations, its best to consult a gloryhole database website like holehunter.com beforehand to see where the nearest gloryholes are and what type of activity they have.
The public bathroom in the park has an active gloryhole at night if you're looking to get off.
by cruisedb April 30, 2020
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A small hole drilled into mens room dividers to provide access for sexual activity.
Man I got the best fuckin blow job last night at the gloryhole at the mall.
by onion June 15, 2003
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A small hole in the wall usually found in men's restrooms or adult book/video shops meant for one man to stick his dick in and another man (or woman) to give head. It is used for both people to stay anonymous.
I just got back from the adult video store and got a blowjob from the gloryhole in the booths.
by coyote84 December 9, 2006
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See Gaper, definition #5.

Also (verb) to gloryhole a girl is to butt-fuck her, typically with great enthusiasum, thereby leaving her with a gloryhole (and a smile!) as above.
Last night, after a couple of drinks, I was begging Tom to gloryhole me. When we were done, my gloryhole was slobbering cum all down my legs.
by Steph M. July 2, 2007
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the creator of the gloryhole was Jeffery Williams aka gloryhole. He first devised it in 1910 in the large gay community of fresno. Later on he moved to LA and spread it more until it went all across america. Gloryhole is a legend
Where the fuck is gloryhole?
He's prolly smokin that dank ass hit NIGGA?
Naw, Dog i meant a gloryhole to stick my shit in, I just got out a prison nugga, i need that release, the glory hole is the way i gets it.
Whatever dog.
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(n) A hole placed in the side of a pipe or bong. A thumb is placed over it while taking a hit and released just before the use is done inhaling for the purpose of clearing the smoke from the chamber of the device. The location of the glory hole also determines whether a smoking device is intended for "right handed" or "left handed" people.
Charley: Hey Bob, do you know why this pipe I bought at the flea market makes me feel uncomfortable?

Bob: Well for starters you bought a left handed pipe despite the fact that you're right handed.

Charley: Left handed pipe?? please elaborate!!

Bob: Since you're right handed, you prefer to hold the lighter in your right hand while holding the pipe in your left hand. The pipe I originally gave you has the gloryhole located on the left side of the bowl closer to your thumb. This device you bought has the gloryhole on the right side of the bowl, requiring you to either hold it in your right hand, or use your index finger to cover the gloryhole when taking a hit. I'm also right handed and I can assure you whenever I'm smoking with a left handed person, I have difficulty adjusting to their pipes and bongs.

Charley: Shit man, that's wild. I'll definitely take notice of the gloryhole's location next time a buy a smoking device!!!
by pippiwood May 8, 2020
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A peephole providing a view into a locker room, changing room, or bathroom.
I wanked it to a fine bitch at my gloryhole yesterday!
by xenon June 3, 2003
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