the point where one is about to throw up due to a cock reaching too far down one's throat, whilst giving head.
the arsehole made me gag when he pushed my head down whilst I was giving him head... I ain't doing that again in a hurry!!!!!
by sassydragon October 23, 2003
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a piece of material that restrains the voice of the victim.

Ex. duct tape, cloth, a sock...
The bitch was yelling a lot so i gagged her and tied her to a chair.
by Butthole February 22, 2004
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something hilarious and very funny, someone who is funny
hah, dude that was a gag. dude my friends the funniest person i know, hes a fuckin gag.
by msoe20 February 19, 2006
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"why ya'll gagging so? she bring it to you every ball" see Paris Is Burning.
by tom nickel August 20, 2003
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The description by butthole was quite good "a piece of material that restrains the voice of the victim" however there are many more types of gag used by people living an alternative lifestyle ... there are... ball gags made of coloured leather; gag harnesses with a blindfold;locking ball gags; pony bit gags .. you name it theres a gag for every occasion.
The Domme looked at ads for gags for her slave and spotted an ad for a Training Wooden gag ....

As submissive should be, this leather & wooden ball gag gives them NO mercy ! Heavy leather head strap with hard wooden gag, let them gag on this, it will teach them very quickly the meaning of Submissive.
by The Dungeon Master November 23, 2006
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