what I feel after I read every single urban dictionary definition..did you know they even made a "peppermint pussy" definition? like ew almost every definition is sexual
Wow, that definition was gross as expected
by CCNeb December 2, 2021
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n. An acronym for Get Rid Of Slimy GirlS from Calvin and Hobbes.

adj. Disgusting or inducing nausea or revulsion.
I can't stand girls; I'm joining gross.

Eating dog poo is gross.
by papermachete October 27, 2005
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Slang for seeing something impressive or expensive.
Did you see the rims on that car? Yeah, they were gross.
by nycubanb April 13, 2007
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that which is so distasteful, it defies description.
What the fuck?! That was just gross!
by Witchie-coo November 6, 2002
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Another word for disgusting, vomit inducing etc.
Bob: What's grosser than gross?
Tom: What is grosser than gross?
Bob: When your eating a hotdog and it has veins in it.
You sit on your grandads lab and he has a boner.
You throw your undies at the wall, they stick.
by headshotdealer November 4, 2006
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That which is beyond tasteless.
What happened to all the gross definitions in the Urban Dictionary? They were pretty funny. I miss onion ring. Even if I needed mental floss after reading it.
by Witchie-coo March 21, 2003
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