underware, undergarnments, underpants
I hate it when my unmentionables rip.
by Light Joker March 16, 2006
Undergarments. clothes worn beneath ones outer clothing.
Garths perspective on new unmentionables: At first they're constricting, but then they become a part of you.
by D. H. Kelly March 18, 2006
ANGELAb974: haha of course...well...it's not the show i make it seem..but sometimes we sit in unmentionables..and we make her do it too
by One Krazy Hindu May 10, 2003
The parts of the body that ought not be mentioned in conversation. Used in this context by Ray Winstone's character in Rango.
"If I see your face in this town again, I'm gonna slice it off and use it to wipe my unmentionables."
by SonOfShaft May 29, 2012
Noun. A polite and euphemistic way to refer to undergarments, usually women's.
The best Valentines are a romantic dinner a deux, homemade nibbles & chocolates, and silky unmentionables.

I packed for the weekend but forgot my unmentionables-- luckily the hotel stocked Cheeki underwear.
by CiaoCiaoCiao December 13, 2013
The person or people you had sex with that you'd never ever admit to.
Bill : Hey Dave who were those fat chicks you left with last night?

Dave : *thinks to himself* UNMENTIONABLES!
by JimmyMac March 17, 2006
1. Something or someone that goes beyond all boundaries or comprehension.

2. Something or someone that can not be mentioned.
1. It's a machine of unmentionable power!

2. You must not mention the location of our secret lair!
by champagne supernova May 16, 2005