1. Something or someone that goes beyond all boundaries or comprehension.

2. Something or someone that can not be mentioned.
1. It's a machine of unmentionable power!

2. You must not mention the location of our secret lair!
by champagne supernova May 16, 2005
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ANGELAb974: haha of course...well...it's not the show i make it seem..but sometimes we sit in unmentionables..and we make her do it too
by One Krazy Hindu May 09, 2003
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Noun. A polite and euphemistic way to refer to undergarments, usually women's.
The best Valentines are a romantic dinner a deux, homemade nibbles & chocolates, and silky unmentionables.

I packed for the weekend but forgot my unmentionables-- luckily the hotel stocked Cheeki underwear.
by CiaoCiaoCiao December 12, 2013
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The parts of the body that ought not be mentioned in conversation. Used in this context by Ray Winstone's character in Rango.
"If I see your face in this town again, I'm gonna slice it off and use it to wipe my unmentionables."
by SonOfShaft May 28, 2012
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