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a random word people say.
when no one is doing anything "Bagadabagadabop!!!"
by nickel June 30, 2004

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this is just gross. don't ever say this word because it is associated with a test that females have to endure once a year and it's not very pleasant.
Damn! that pap smear was off the heezy-fa-sheezy!!!
by nickel May 15, 2003

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Operation Cant Wait Any Longer
for starcraft mentioned in credits. also can be entered by pressing enter/return for your buildings to be built faster
hey you suck so im gonna use operation cwal and kill you
by nickel July 21, 2004

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slang for "neeha". crackers use this term so that blackies are confused and don't beat our whitey asses. it works most of the time.
what up nee-... ah... "heena"!
by nickel May 15, 2003

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What an owl says
The owl says "w00t!"
by Nickel November 23, 2002

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