A Term coined by Carl Benjamin (AKA Sargon of Akkad), which describes a people or a group of people who tend to thrive off of dishonestly smearing a person's character, through deceptive or misleading interpretations of their actions or words. Often by taking something they said out of context, and representing it as something completely different .
"I'm not apologizing for anything you dirty, dirty smear merchants"
by GidonGrey July 14, 2020
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An extra-meaningful word similar to "slander".
"People like to run smear campaigns about the Bush Administration.....you'll also see LOTS of smear campaigns in high school."
by Dave May 19, 2004
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Played with an object that can be tossed and easily carried such as a balled up t-shirt, football, or shoe.

Play starts when object is thrown into the air. Players may either snatch object out of the air or wait until it lands. If the object lands, the person closest to it MUST pick it up. (Group will use judgement, or someone who wants it can just pick it up.) Once a player is in posession of the object, they try not to get tackled. Once tackled, the object is thrown into the air (or at a particular person) and the game starts over. Play usually ends when everyone is tired or when someone gets hurt.
I am feeling really hyper and have a lot of energy, so lets get a group together and play smear the queer!!!
by mopheadcellist July 26, 2009
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when a gay man wipes his poop covered penis on the sheets after anal sex
Damn it! He gave me a poop smear and I have to wash my sheets again!
by Big Guy5 May 24, 2009
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People on public transport who are sleepy or lazy often rest their heads against the window, "head smear" is the blurry vaseline like substance left on the glass that comes from the oil and grease in their hair.
"Would ya look at that view! It's beautiful!"

"Guh, makes me wanna vom. Some dirty chump has left head smear all over this side, and I'm not wiping it down."

*phone rings*
"Heya honey, what? ... I'm not sure what station I'm at because there's head smear everywhere and I can't see the platform."
by Effsix February 03, 2010
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When you throw a used condom at a flat vertical plain and leaves a snail trail of semen as it slides down the object (ie. a wall, a window)
"After fucking some chick in my car I tryed to throw the used condom out the window, but the window was closed hence leaving a huge condom smear on my window."
by Pointy Pouliot November 17, 2007
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A variant of tea bagging, it is the act of smearing male genitalia on a glass window such that scrotal grease is evident upon removal.
"Let's go down to the cop shop and leave gear smears on the glass doors".
by L481244T September 03, 2006
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