The greatest person you will ever meet ! Hector is a very sweet, caring, adorable, loving boy and he will always stay by your side. Hectors are great at comforting and making people happy. Anyone who meets a Hector is one of the luckiest people in the world.
Did you see Hector ? He is SO adorable
by Beamssss November 04, 2017
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Hector is the sexiest man alive. Every girl wishes there was a hector in their life just to fuck every five seconds. He has a huge dick and knows how to make a girl wet. U see him in the hallway and u just wanna drop to ur knees. Every girl fights over hector. He is very rough in bed and will make a girls eyes roll back so they can see their brains.
Girl 1: Wow. Hector is a daddy

Girl 2: I know. I just fucked him in my friends car and left a stain...
by Smells like peaches October 16, 2017
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A guy that's really respectful of girls. He doesn't like seeing people down or hurt and can make anyone laugh. He's very trustworthy , he's a great friend and you can count on him for anything. They're cuties too. But everyone needs one of these kiddos.
Hectors not a fag
by 🖕🏻:) November 22, 2016
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Hector is a really sweet guy who can melt any girls heart do not be fooled as nice as he may seem he is also very feared and respect by others he is excellent in bed and has a large cock hector is the guy all the girls go crazy for and all want but as much attention as he gets he will no pay it no mind until he gets attention from a girl he actually wants he is loyal and is a man of his word when he tells you hes going to do something he means it he is the shot caller and is in charge of the situations people cannot handle he is the most wise person you will meet and good at everything he does he often has abillity to tell whats going to happen before they even happen do not let go of a hector if you ever come across one you will regret it
by Ispeakthetruthcauseiknow January 02, 2015
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The biggest cock in the game and makes out with lots of girls and fucks them.Uf you know them you lucky because you will have sex with him one day and he has the world biggest dick.If he’s your friend you are really lucky,especially if your a girl.
I felt the hector because I got laid
by Hectorhasbigcock September 26, 2019
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Adorable, loves pepsi, and has a bigger cock than Erik.
Omg Hector is so adorable.
by MGLove April 28, 2019
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Hector is a smart, funny and very athletic guy, he's a huge cuddlier and is a great love maker. Hector's are born with very a large penis and are very attractive. If you come across a Hector in your life don't let him go
Get your self a Hector
by Fariydusths March 13, 2017
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