Character as seen or judged by others - can apply to an individual or an organization.
"With enough courage, you can do without a reputation."

-- Rhett Butler, Gone with the Wind
by Atlanta's Burning February 13, 2011
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taylor swift's 6th studio album
perhaps one of the most, if not THE most, iconic and powerful comebacks of all time.
the lead single, look what you made me do, has one of the greatest music videos in music video history.
reputation, despite its cultural impact and status, did NOT get nominated for any Grammys.
reputation contains a lot of gay subtext.

taylor herself confirmed this when during the Reputation Stadium Tour show in chicago, she gave a pride speech about coming out while wearing a rainbow dress. she finished the speech and said "its all just really....delicate".

delicate is track 5 on reputation and the song is very applicable to the queer experience. it does not use gender specific pronouns and is widely regarded as a gay anthem.

in the music video for delicate, the last scene features taylor walking into a bar and no one notices her. she looks around for someone and looks disappointed. then all of a sudden everyone at the bar turns around and looks at her. the camera goes back onto taylor and she seems to make eye contact with the 5th person along the bar, a woman. she smiles. the end. not going to give an entire explanation as to why reputation is gay on urban dictionary, but the evidence is very...evident so please do some searching and its quite startling if you care.




"reputation man...that shit is GAY"
"so true !! she did not write the line'wear you like a necklace' for people to call it straight"

"reputation is the most powerful comeback of all time, argue with the wall.....who else gets cancelled by the whole world, gets forced into hiding, gets hated on by the media and the general public, has a very influential group of people actively attacking them, THEN RELEASES AN ALBUM THAT GOES ON TO HAVE A $220 MILLION GROSSING TOUR?? NO ONE. APART FROM TAYLOR FUCKING SWIFT, THATS WHO !! "
"so true bestie"
by shawtygotthafatty May 24, 2021
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A word which, depending on the context, can imply sluttiness. If someone says a girl has a 'reputation' there's only one thing they can be talking about.
At my old school I had a reputation but I'm going to try to keep my legs closed here.
by yupp395178 October 1, 2012
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reputation is a album by Taylor Swift. Swift’s fans have said that this album is where she announces that she doesn't care what you think
Emily: Hey, did you hear Taylor Swift’s new album?
Rebekah: reputation right?

Emily: Yeah!

Rebekah: Yeah I heard it! It’s great!
by Reputation March 6, 2021
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To put again.
I had to reput the items back on the shelf after he moved them.
by hl2dmnutz May 17, 2010
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