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when a younge lady goes to a gynecologist
and they stick this metal opener thing in you
and feel your ovaries and swab you and shit.
"god damnit franny, i have to go to the gynecologist today for a pap smear!"
"really?! that sucks!"
by nikki big papa October 08, 2007
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The act of tackling ones grandfather in the kitchen with enough velocity to smear his face across the linoleum, or approximately 3-4 feet.
So the other day, Grandpa was in the way of my Hot Pocket so in order to get to it I had to execute a Pap Smear
by Kelph1 May 19, 2011
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/ˈpæp ˌsmɪər/
1. Paparazzi, freelance photographers that take candid pictures of famous people–particularly obnoxious ones–that insult and stalk celebrities, block traffic and sidewalks to take video, and try to get the most unflattering shots possible to "smear" the celebrity's image.

"The pap smears never leave Britney alone!"

2. A gynecological test for cancer of the cervix, consisting of the staining of cervical cells taken in a cervical or vaginal smear.

"I need to get my annual pap smear done."
paparazzi pap smear pap test photographer paparazza paparazzo camera man camera guy freelance photographer
by Vonheilm April 10, 2014
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PAPSMEAR = People Against PETA's Sick Mindless Evil Attributed Road.
Kim Kardashian recently joined the PAPSMEAR movement, after a member of PETA attacked her with flour.
by Carlo89 March 24, 2012
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A titslap.

To be smeared by a pap.

To be beaten about the head by a large set of mammaries.

A near-lethal blow to the cranium, applied by one or more tits. Has the effect of changing one's facial expression very abruptly.

Can be used by females and Gibbses as a playful means of flirtation or foreplay with stout-hearted partners, or as a means of self defense in times of distress.
"Back off or I'll papsmear you!"

"She gave me such a papsmear, I'll have a tit imprint on my forehead for a week."
by rodneyjibs July 13, 2009
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A term used to express a loving or affectionate encounter, usually among bros. A warm embrace or general physical contact among friends.

Never to be used negatvely or for hateful purposes.
Sam: "Ah Adam, get over here so I can give you a big ol' papsmear!"

Adam: "Smear that pap Sam!"

by T.Frank October 06, 2009
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An event or situation that sounds just as good as getting pussy, but never really could be better than pussy. One can indicate an event is PAP Smear by placing ones index and middle finger next to each other and snorting them lenghtwise across and between ones upper lip and nose.
Yes! We're finally going to Disney Land. That's PAP Smear!
by lAl Encorre12 lPl February 09, 2011
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