Blatantly ignoring somebody on social networks by using emojis or stickers as a reply.
I've never had a full conversation with Brittany, she's always smearing! *smh*
by Ionlemonpoo September 4, 2014
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In basic terminology, Smeared is a word that is used to represent an event of social disorder where one is to be dissed, slapped or abused as a result of other's enjoyment. Therefore, Smeared is most commonly used as an insult or retort to the abused individual not being able to form a comeback.
Aamir: You're an epic fail.

Sam: The only fail was your dad's condom...

Everyone surrounding the individuals: Smeared.
by Lightning B & Mathematics April 13, 2011
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when a piece of shit smiles at you, as if shit were smeared across the floor in the shape of a smile
Person 1: Dude, i'm so sorry you didn't win
Person 2: That's not even the worst part, he smeared at me while they put the medal around his neck
by EsuccEchucc January 21, 2017
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The opposite of when something is donulatory or donations based. Primarily used for smearing or smear purposes.
Gatzüke asked if his homeboy Rotini’s romulin was donulatory or for smearing.

I straight up thought that blackened ranch sauce was solely for donulatory purposes but my boy Karip pointed out it is specifically for smearing.
by GerthPaul December 6, 2020
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k#y accused his co-worker as being sinister and bitesome as a cobra? he is just smearing his co-worker!
by it is not your business July 23, 2019
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A famous Los Angeles tagger turned gallery artist. He started killing the streets of LA hard in 1997 and has been painting canvas since about 2005. He's been featured in numerous Los Angeles Times articles, one of which revealed his identity (Cristian Gheorghiu) to the masses after a highly publicized graffiti arrest in 2009.
I was walking down Sunset and saw Smear tags like on fucking everything!

Are you going to the Opening of Smear's artshow on Friday?
by Slimey Sal August 13, 2011
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Cocaine, baking soda, and water mixed up on a sheet of foil then smeared across the foil and smoked.
Person #1 Hey man what's up with this smear?

Person #2 This shit is getting me all jacked up!!
by TDynamite September 16, 2008
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