To engage in sexual intercourse or at least in a sexual act where bodily fluids are exchanged.
Hey Chris, I'ma go ta that one strippa and be like, "hey bitch, lemme get it wet". Hey, hey Chreee, you wanna watch me get it wet?
by neobrandon July 22, 2006
ok there is many ways to get u wet!basically its sexual activitys to get a woman wet on the body
and if i suck on dat pussy dat will get you wet
by SHARAI March 24, 2008
Cumming deep inside my best bro of course!
What gets me wet? Cumming deep inside my best bro? whadja expect niga?
by Archduke of Douchebags January 10, 2019
1. (In reference to females) to become sexually aroused. A reference to a woman's vagina lubricating as part of arousal.
2. (In reference to males) to engage in sexual activity. A reference to either oral sex, where the penis contacts saliva, or to vaginal sex, where the penis contacts vaginal secretions.
1. Chris Hemsworth is so hot. I get wet every time I watch a Thor movie.
2. Caitlyn's been horny all evening. I'm going to get my dick wet tonight!
by Holzyhauser January 6, 2018
1) Smoking PCP but you think it's marijuana. Then you run around like Chris Tucker from Friday geeking the fuck out. 2) When a girl creams herself after getting turned on
"Hey Andy, I didn't know you like getting wet homeboy." or "damn, I got that chick getting all wet while she was giving me head."
by JT the bigga figga October 26, 2007