when someone puts their mouth around your dick and sucks it until you ejaculate all of your sperm. Also known as oral sex.
Im gettin head this weekend by a hot girl.
by Will April 15, 2004
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To recieve money, preferably in large amounts, from a female friend.
"Yea I had to stop at the corner, I was gettin head from one of my employees."
by Sweet and sour sauce October 23, 2006
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When you get your cock sucked by your main bitch.
Ryan-Yo mike what are you doing today?
Mike-nuttin much gunna get some head are you gettin head from ya shorty?
Ryan-Duh nigga you know it
by Ryan mouthafuckin lynch January 27, 2010
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Definition: -Morely to have someone suck on the genitals of someone who likes it being done to them.-
Example:A guy says:"I wus gettin some head" last night from this honey around the way"
by XOXOAPRILXOXO August 19, 2008
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1. The first single off Shawnna's second solo album.

2. The funniest song we've heard in a long time.
I was gettin some head, gettin gettin some head.
I was with the kinda girl dat make yo toes curl.
by plainfire April 3, 2006
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Gettin' some head is a slang meaning getting your genIraks sucked by someone else. To put it gently, it means getting a blow job. It
A look, he's gettin' some head
B Jesus, by Cindy? He's so lucky

A I know right,
by modda foka March 21, 2017
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