The immediate area surrounding an object.
The notepad has even proximity between each horizontal line.
by scruph May 12, 2008
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prox· i· mate | \ˈpräk-sə-mət \ 1) A person you mate with who is close to you by kinship or in some other way. 2) A person who mates with you on behalf of another, i.e. a proxy mate.
Jack: Hey, are you and your second cousin still fuck buddies?
John: No. She moved to California, but she sent me Jill as her proximate, and she's awesome.
Mike Pence is Donald Trump's kochsucker proximate for the one percenters.
by Len Bakerloo December 22, 2018
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nearest to the body or core
Citations that are proximal to the main contribution of a paper are more significant.
by david dictionary May 11, 2015
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The area inside of the center of social interaction, commonly where people meet each other, exchange information, and generally have a good time; The opposite of the Periphery
Dude did you see Dave talking to all those girls last night, he was totally in the proximity.
by Bar Masters October 2, 2008
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The opposite of approach avoidance. To become increasingly attracted to a decision as one nears the decision moment.
"I felt a bit guilty when I told my wife I was going bowling, but as we pulled up to Jiggles the sense of proximity enticement washed that all away. "
by aretegroup February 28, 2015
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One may travel many shag miles to have sex with the right person. However, some people are either fortunate enough to have their sexual partner nearby.

Others, though, may simply be lazy or unimaginative and find or remain with their sexual partner simply because they are close to er.. hand. This is a "proximity shag" (noun and verb).
A: We split up because he is too many shag miles away. You on the other hand...

B: next door. That makes me a...

A: ... proximity shag.

B: I suddenly don't feel very special.
by Roo October 6, 2013
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The action that results in having a roommate that is either extremely attractive or plays for a school's football team, and picking up the woman who hang around him that he doesnt want.
Dude, my roommate brings the hottest girls to our apartment. I'm bound to get some proximity puss
by captb3a July 28, 2010
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