When someone is having trouble getting laid, they're in a slump. When you're in a slump, you need an easy score to get your confidence back up and break the slump - a slumpbuster. Often this means lowering your standards, and sleeping with someone you would never otherwise associate with. The term is obviously negative, and can even damage the reputation of someone who uses it; it implies that the "slumpbuster"'s only purpose is to screw someone who's desperate for sex, and also implies that the person invoking the term uses women for sex. Use with caution; it tends to make things worse for everyone involved.
"She was a slumpbuster."
by progamer124 May 23, 2004
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A promiscuous and/or unattractive woman with whom a man would normally have nothing to do - however he sleeps with her anyways because he's in a slump.
Come on man, it was a slumpbuster.
by Marquiz May 2, 2003
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When a professional athlete finds the dirtiest, nastiest, fattest, most disease-ridden skank and puts the wood to her with the intent that it will break up a slump.
A rod picked up a slumbuster at the bar last night.
by Womanizer August 31, 2003
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a person who likes having sexual intercourse with someone much larger than they are.
Big girls need love too, so its okay to be a slumpbuster.
by Panda1993 August 18, 2012
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A 46oz cocktail that you mix for your cuz, or buddy when he is down and out, in a rut,and pissed at the world.
I was feelin' kind of shitty today so I woke up and drank a slumpbuster and I felt fine.
by kenji kallooski September 18, 2006
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When an athletic player is in a bad slump, the act of finding the most despicable, ugly, fat, hideous member of the opposite sex and having sexual relations with that person for the sole purpose of breaking out of the slump.
Slumpbusting was a term made famous by Mark Grace in baseball. Example: Since Grace was in a 0 for 25 slump at the plate, he decided to go slumpbusting and bone the heffer.
by MofoSam June 10, 2003
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An extremely unappealing woman, usually of the genus fatticus femininis. While grizzly in appearance, the slumpbust serves a valuable purpose. A man who finds himself in a slump (whether in baseball or some other aspect of life) may attempt to break or bust that slump by taking home a local slumpbust and riding that slump into oblivion. Please note that a man who has sex with a slumpbust is making a tremendous sacrifice with the intent of self-improvement, and therefore should not be subjected to ridicule and torment by his peers.
She's pretty hot, but her friend is a total slumpbust.
by Brian Gaffney August 6, 2004
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