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When an athletic player is in a bad slump, the act of finding the most despicable, ugly, fat, hideous member of the opposite sex and having sexual relations with that person for the sole purpose of breaking out of the slump.
Slumpbusting was a term made famous by Mark Grace in baseball. Example: Since Grace was in a 0 for 25 slump at the plate, he decided to go slumpbusting and bone the heffer.
by MofoSam June 09, 2003
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The above definition is correct, except for 3 omissions.

1. The word can be used to describe the act of breaking a bad streak in either baseball or the singles game.

2. Mark Grace made the phrase famous, because he would normally hit in the high 200s, but would sometimes go on a really nasty 0 for 25 kind of slump, and because he supposedly coined another synonym for slumpbusting, "taking the wood to a fatty."

3. Because he made these two phrases famous, a 3rd synonym became used within baseball, and now pop culture, to pull a "Mark Grace", also meaning to break a slump by boning an ugly or fat chick.
Player 1: Man, Ramirez hasn't gotten laid in 3 weeks. And hasn't been on base in 5.
Player 2: Yeah he definitely needs to go to a bar tonight, find a swamp donkey and pull a Mark Grace.
Rookie: What's a Mark Grace?
Player 1: Slumpbusting
Rookie: Slump Busting?
Player 2: Slumpbusting, jackass. Taking the wood to a fatty.
by Eroneous Negroneous March 18, 2010
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When you havent gotten laid in forever, and you wind up taking home the first piece of ass you can. (Can be on purpose or by accident)
"Dude, i havent gotten laid in forever, wanna go slump busting with me tonite?"
by S.Wan February 18, 2009
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