Damn nigga I cain't wait to be off work I got a slump slump comin by my spot
by Psykrates July 23, 2018
To be extremely tired. Struggling to stay awake
Me: " you look like you haven't slept in days"
You: "I'm fuckin slumped man"
by thatmotherfucker69696 February 16, 2015
The feeling of overwhelming exhaustion usually associated with the use of alcohol, cannabis, etc. Usually results in someone being couch locked
Dude 1: Dude Evan looks like he’s about to get slumped, man how much has he had to drink?

Dude 2: I saw him take 4 shots and drink a beer and I think he also took a rip off Jimmy’s bong

Dude 1: Yeah we need to get him out of the damn hot tub before he slumps and drowns
by GayCloud June 16, 2018
"D*** he is slump already"
"I'm tryna be slump"
"I'm tired I'm bout to be slump"
by john doe....r July 23, 2016
"Damn, I'm slumped after B-ball practice" said Jonathan
by SlangKING98 April 23, 2015