Whoa I wish my dick was that big!
by Mzdankness November 3, 2019
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A prefix for anyone who is over 6'0 and quite easily an unstoppable physical force, however, they can usually be stopped emotionally.
Person 1: Who's that?
Person 2: Thats Big Griff
by AlfDonny August 27, 2020
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Used in reassurance when one totally agrees with something or finds it accurate.

Can be also used to exaggerate all words
Dave: Omg this new songgg is sooo amazing
Mike: Big

Dave: this new meme is hilarious
Mike: big dedd
by Idekwydttm March 12, 2019
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Big is the volume of how large something is.
Guy 1- My dick is big
Guy 2- Mine is too
by Word pranks guy December 3, 2019
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What your mom always says to me when she sees this Dick!
Damn Leo, your cock is pretty big ,hopefully it's going to fit!
by USCFOOTBALL August 29, 2016
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