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One of the most misused words in the entire English language.

There are several types of irony.

Socratic irony - When someone pretends to be naive about a certain subject, and uses his questions about it to point out a flaw in the established belief. This is often used on the TV show South Park, where the children often ask questions about a situation until the folly in a parent's decision becomes clear.

Sarcasm - Understatement, mocking overstatement, or heavy-handed irony (stating the flat opposite of the truth) where both parties are aware of the difference between what's said and what's actually happening.

Situational Irony - The irony that most people think of. A difference between what you expect to happen (in a story, for example) and what actually happens. Rain on your wedding day would be a sort-of example, because a wedding day is generally expected to be a perfect, happy day. The good advice you didn't take, however, would NOT be irony, because that has nothing to do with what is expected and what isn't expected. A traffic jam when you're already late wouldn't be irony either; there's no automatic expectation that traffic will be fine, just because you happen to be late.

Irony of Fate - The concept that the Gods, Fates, etc. are toying with humans for amusement by using irony. Beethoven's loss of hearing is a famous example; one would expect a composer to be able to hear his compositions, but fate denied him that ability.

Tragic (Dramatic) Irony - When the audience knows something that some of the characters don't know in a play/movie/novel/whatever. For example, when the horror flick psycho is in the house and the homeowner just goes in without suspecting anything.
So, yeah, Alanis was wrong in a lot of her song, but there ARE some examples of irony in there - and a few that are kinda-sorta, but could be better. The old man who buys a lottery ticket is one; it would be a better example if he won, and then died of a heart attack from the shock of winning.
by progamer124 December 16, 2004

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n. (Hacker Lingo) One who relies on premade exploit programs and files ("scripts") to conduct his hacking, and refuses to bother to learn how they work. The script kiddie flies in the face of all that the hacker subculture stands for - the pursuit of knowledge, respect for skills, and motivation to self-teach are just three of the hacker ideals that the script kiddie ignores. While anyone can be a script kiddie, generally they are teenagers who want the power of the hacker without the discipline or training involved. Obviously anyone who follows this route aspires to be a blackhat, but most refuse to even dignify them with this term; "blackhat" generally implies having skills of your own.
Other common terms for the ubiquitous script kiddie are lamer, llama, jackass, pre-pubescent ten-year-old, and of course the most unique, asshat.
by progamer124 February 05, 2004

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When someone is having trouble getting laid, they're in a slump. When you're in a slump, you need an easy score to get your confidence back up and break the slump - a slumpbuster. Often this means lowering your standards, and sleeping with someone you would never otherwise associate with. The term is obviously negative, and can even damage the reputation of someone who uses it; it implies that the "slumpbuster"'s only purpose is to screw someone who's desperate for sex, and also implies that the person invoking the term uses women for sex. Use with caution; it tends to make things worse for everyone involved.
"She was a slumpbuster."
by progamer124 May 23, 2004

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Drug Abuse Resistance Education. An anti-drug program with a seriously flawed reputation, at times giving out misleading , inaccurate, or outright false information. Critics often point to the lack of any evidence that DARE actually affects drug use. Drug users (and kids in general) often ridicule the program.
I saw the DARE officer smoking in the parking lot.
by progamer124 December 14, 2004

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An idiot; one who seems to have shit instead of brains, thus severely limiting their thought capacity.
Hey shit-for-brains, you fucked up again didn't you?
by progamer124 January 18, 2003

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Neither liberal nor conservative. Contrary to popular belief, does NOT imply a political affiliation or lack thereof; someone with no political party is considered an Independent, but can still be very conservative or very liberal. A moderate is merely someone who isn't conservative enough to be on the right, and isn't liberal enough to be on the left. Another popular (and incorrect) belief is that moderates just can't make up their minds. That's as untrue as it gets; I am an independent moderate myself, and I have no trouble making up my mind. I'm just considered moderate because, for example, I am against both abortion AND capital punishment. The former is a conservative view, and the latter is a liberal view. Therefore I am moderate.
I'm moderate because I have beliefs that overlap liberalism and conservativism, NOT because I don't belong to a party, and NOT because I can't make up my mind! Go screw a tree you asses.
by progamer124 July 11, 2003

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Strong alcoholic beverage, consisting of four to five hard liquors and a splash of Coca-Cola. Ingredients vary, but generally includes tequila, rum, gin, vodka, and triple sec in equal amounts (1 shot glass usually) with Sweet & Sour mix for tartness and Coke to create color of iced tea.
A few long island iced teas will get you hammered pretty quick.
by progamer124 March 15, 2003

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