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The act of ingesting mushrooms and ecstasy at the same time for a heightened euphoric experience.
I got trippy visuals during my roll when I found some shrooms and hippy flipped.
by MofoSam June 9, 2003
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When an athletic player is in a bad slump, the act of finding the most despicable, ugly, fat, hideous member of the opposite sex and having sexual relations with that person for the sole purpose of breaking out of the slump.
Slumpbusting was a term made famous by Mark Grace in baseball. Example: Since Grace was in a 0 for 25 slump at the plate, he decided to go slumpbusting and bone the heffer.
by MofoSam June 10, 2003
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Yo, I just dropped a biscuit about 40 minutes ago and now I'm starting to roll.
by MofoSam June 9, 2003
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A lot of cocaine, typically over a quarter ounce (two eight balls).
Let's roll out to Calvin's pad, I hear there is going to be a blizzard sweeping through the place.
by MofoSam June 10, 2003
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A cross breed of house and techno music, generally keeping the tempo, beat and rhythm of a house song. Electronic and synthetic instruments are usually laid over to form the fusion of house and techno.
DJ MofoSam played a sick set last night. After he busted out that chunky house set, he delved into some dope tech house that got the whole crowd jumping.
by MofoSam June 10, 2003
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Going out at night for the sole purpose of engaging in a sexual act with an ugly person.
After a rough day at work, Pete decided to go trolling at the local dive bar. To justify the act, he reasoned that "its all pink inside".
by MofoSam June 10, 2003
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