Slang expression for being without funds, penniless.

The opposite of the above maneuver. In a down and out, the receiver runs downfield then turns out, toward the sideline.
Led Zeppelin slang use: "been to long before I found out what people mean by 'down and out'

"The man who risks it all will eventually be down and out."
by JoshuaN@sh September 1, 2006
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In Deep Depression....................
Mary J.'s Been Down And Out
by emlol4 May 7, 2008
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(n.) or (adj.) A homeless person, a bum.
He is a down-and-out.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 1, 2004
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When someone, either a complete stranger or an acquaintance, pulls up in a vehicle or runs up to you on the street and gives you a blow job. They say nothing during the process.
"Dude you look shocked... What happened?"
"Some random guy pulled up in this beat up old jeep and gave me a down and out"
"Woah... Hardcore"
by PandaFoxOfTime January 7, 2015
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Down N' Out is an equivalent to a One night stand in which you have sexual intercourse with someone only for one time, and never talk to that partner ever again. Some synonyms are quickie, hook-up, hit it and quit it, and one nighter.
You: Oh no, there she is..
Friend: Who?
You: The girl i banged.
Friend: Why don't you say hi?
You: Man I can't, i went Down N' Out with that.
by Prazzo July 16, 2009
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They got into a knock-down-drag-out brawl over the stupidest thing.
by Light Joker December 15, 2005
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a term used by athletes who consistantly wear their hair back for convenience during workouts, but for whatever reason, decided that today, they would just wear it down; usually accompanied by a "fuck it" mentality. most commonly found in female athletes.
this also occurs when the athlete forgot to bring or lost any bobby pins, hair clips, etc that they were planning on using.
x: "hey, I heard we're conditioning today, do you want some bobby pins?"
y: "no thanks, I'll just go bangs down, balls out."

x: "wow, I like your hair down!"
y: "yeah, I forgot my hair clips, so I guess I have to go bangs down, balls out today."
by smessemsee October 25, 2011
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