Better than "Pretty" but not quite "Hot".

Also pretty-hot.
1> She's pretty hot.
2> What? She's not that hot.
1> No, she's "pretty hot" dude.
by MoonKnight June 1, 2003
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A phrase used when talking about The HOT Team.
Person 1: The HOT Team just won Worlds!
Person 2: That’s pretty HOT.
by 🌭🌭🌭 September 23, 2018
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When a woman has that girl-next-door look. She is attractive without makeup and usually doesn't wear any except for mascara. She has great hair, beautiful eyes, an infectious personality and a great sense of humor. She likes to cook, clean, curse, drink and is all about giving pleasure as she enjoys making people feel good. Women like this are eagerly sought after and men cannot help be drawn to them. Pretty-hot is a two edged sword. You must have something about her that drives her just as crazy for the relationship to work as she will drive you crazy with desire. If you can find one and tame her, you will be envied by men everywhere.
That woman is pretty-hot. Pretty and desirable at the same time. Rare.
by Bufflovehandles April 4, 2022
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WEN yo principa is liek rly hawt nd u get a boner evrytim u see ur prniclpl
Nicolas Cage: i dont liek ur principla
Me:yea but tha principal is pretty hot tho
by cummingatthatbooty July 19, 2014
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Fire is so cool and funny and hot uwu.
Fire: Hey guys
Fire: Oh hey

Fire: uwu
Girl2: Fire is pretty hot uwu
by 13 year old girl May 28, 2021
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